I was so impressed with your group - really retained the knowledge well and knew lots about Japan - great behaviour too!

Guide, The Japanese Garden at Cowden (April 2024)


Our son joined Craigclowan in Form 3 from our local primary school, and was immediately encouraged to give everything a go, and to get stuck in - which he absolutely did. Six years later he left Craigclowan with a sports scholarship, as a Head Boy, with excellent Common Entrance grades and playing the pipes in the school band - but more importantly with an abundance of lifelong friends and brimming with confidence and resilience. He and his year group are a credit to Craigclowan, and I know all will go on to excel in their senior schools thanks to the amazing head start they have had. It has been an honour to watch them grow and become confident individuals with a strong sense of loyalty to their school, their teachers and their friends. 

Six years at Craigclowan was not without challenges - the tragic loss of a member of staff, Covid and changes in leadership - but the teachers ploughed on with enormous positivity - and provided consistency and comfort to all the children, setting an incredible example of resilience and strength, which is evident in our son's outlook on life now. When we dropped him at his senior school he was more than ready to embrace the new challenges with confidence and maturity. He was welcomed by several Craigclowan old boys who are now in positions of responsibility - and are great role models for the juniors. A Craigclowan start has set them ahead of others, given them the confidence to go on and continue to achieve - and importantly there is comfort in knowing that they hold the same values and standards which were set out at Craigclowan. 

Hard to put into words but we are genuinely thrilled with the opportunities that [    ] has had, the friends he has made, and what he has become! What a very special, courageous school Craigclowan is, with an enormously committed staff team, a wonderful setting and a great set of values. We wish it the very best for the future. 

Email from Form 8 Parent (September 2023)


All three of our children have been through Craigclowan, finishing in Form 8, and what a platform it's given them for moving on to their next school. With strong academics, a great introduction to sport and really top level coaching in hockey at the top of the school, a fabulous drama, art and music department, this school has given them the opportunity to try everything and has nurtured and encouraged them to achieve the best they possibly can. All three achieved all-rounder scholarships to their next schools, we couldn't ask for more. But the best thing about this school is that all three of our children were happy and thrived during their time here, the staff knew them so well and knew how to get the best out of them, whether it was in the playground, on the sports pitch or in the classroom, challenging them when they needed it but against a backdrop of love and support too. As a prep school, Craigclowan really does prepare them for their next school and more. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this school to anyone looking for a fabulous preparatory school in Perthshire, and will continue to do so.

Email from Form 8 Parent (August 2023)

We have been nothing but impressed with your school and our boys absolutely love coming to school each day.  They have made great strides and we are very grateful for the opportunities they have been allowed to explore.  The hardest part of this entire decision was leaving Craigclowan so thank you all for everything you have done.

Email from Current Parent Moving Overseas (February 2023)

I was so impressed by [pupil]'s online education last week. I wasn't around to hear the lessons themselves, but could see how straightforward it was for him and did see his enthusiasm and motivation, and hear the chat and laughter from next door. Thank you so much to all his teachers; how lucky he is (and we parents are) to have such an exceptional education.

Email From Current Parent With a Child Who Was Required to Self Isolate (January 2022)

Can I thank you wholeheartedly for the prompt reply with online learning. Amazing - and generally working brilliantly. [pupil] was up and learning by 9.00 am on the first morning of his self isolation. So I really do not take your wonderful, prompt and fluent availability of live lessons for granted. 10 out of 10.

Email From Current Parent With a Child Who Was Required to Self Isolate (November 2021)

[pupil] has blossomed at Craigclowan. He was so miserable at his previous school and would do anything not to go there. Within a month, he was totally different. I cannot sing Craigclowan's praises enough. You have nurtured him, bringing out a beautiful child. I truly cannot believe the transformation. He is so much part of the school's family, I only wish he could stay until the end of his education. I will always support anyone in making this unique school part of their child's life.

Email From Current Parent (April 2021)

I also wanted to send a huge thank you to all the teachers who have done such a fantastic job during the last year, in what has been trying circumstances (to say the least). They have really gone above and beyond for the children and I'm very grateful for their efforts. You should all be very proud of what the school has achieved. I don't think our children know how lucky they are! Perhaps the greatest praise should come from [pupil]. She said last night that she's excited to go to Glenalmond but wishes she could stay at Craigclowan too (at least for another year).

Email From Current Parent (March 2021)

The children are loving it at Craigclowan, but especially [pupil]. - I have never seen that child so happy and she is brimming with confidence! She is absolutely loving life, and she comes home buzzing about school. A month in she already seems to have made friends with everyone. Also her teacher has been amazing. She really seems to care about [pupil]. She has been super communicative with us on some of the catch up work [pupil] needs to do, and has even taken time out to have a conversation with her previous tutor to include her inputs into the plan. It's just amazing.

Email From New Parent (September 2020)

He said there was a lot more work compared to [current school] but the teachers made the work enjoyable and it didn't feel like it was work. I almost fainted when he said this to me, I have never heard him mention school work being fun. He did say that some of his work was wrong but the teachers were reassuring and he hoped that this was okay. He mentioned lunch and he liked the teachers eating with the children. He was also impressed that the older children were helping in the dining hall. He can be a fussy eater but he was encouraged to try everything and even managed to eat carrots and like it! He loved the the school grounds and can't wait to go onto the top field in the summer. Overall he was very happy with his experience. It was refreshing to hear him speak of school in such a positive way. I hope you find the feedback useful. There isn't anything you could do better as it is already the best.

Email From Prospective Parent Following Her Son's Taster Day Visit (November 2019)

Could I take this opportunity to thank Craigclowan School once again for yet another incredible Harvest Festival donation. It is really wonderful what the school and of course the pupils manage to collect and the fact that they manage to do it every year with such success is a tribute to all. The type of food is perfect for the clients that we will select to be the recipients, as it is very nutritional, warming and easy to prepare and will go a long way to ensuring they will be well nourished leading into the colder time of the year. I would be extremely grateful if you would pass on our sincere gratitude to all staff and pupils that were involved in putting this impressive collection of foodstuffs together. We cannot thank them enough and we wish them and the school as a whole all the very best for the future.

Email From Service Manager, Royal Voluntary Service in Perth Following Our Harvest Festival Service (September 2019)

I just wanted to thank you and your wonderful children for all the brilliant thank you letters. I’m really glad they enjoyed their visit. As you know, the volunteers do not get paid for the fantastic work they do with the children at the camp so letters like these really help them to see the impact they are having and make it all worthwhile. The children were attentive and enthusiastic throughout the day and were a great credit to their school, their teachers, parents and to themselves and you will be very welcome to come back next year again with another cohort. With best wishes and thanks!

Email From Heritage & Events Manager, Comrie Development Trust Following Form 4 Trip to Cultybraggan Camp (October 2018)

Just a quick one to say how much [Child] and [Child] are enjoying Craigclowan. They absolutely love it and [Child] often thanks us for sending him to you. You do so much for them both in terms of work and fun (and you set the bar high in terms of entertaining them when they are at home!). I hope all the staff have a lovely Easter and manage a rest.

Email From Current Parent (March 2018)

The progress she is making academically, emotionally and socially is remarkable and very much down to every single one of you at Craigclowan.

Email From Current Parent (February 2018)

I can’t tell you how life changing it is to know our little people are learning and living life to the full at Craigclowan.

Email From Current Parent (January 2018)

Dear Patrick, I've been meaning to get in touch for a long time to tell you what an inspiring French teacher you were for me, and to thank you for such a fantastic grounding in French. I realise this email comes slightly out of the blue, but lately I've been thinking more and more about your lessons at Craigclowan as I'm currently doing a PGCE in French! Amazingly, I actually still have some of my exercise books from school and reading through them it's amazing to see the level of French you were teaching us - my year 7 class are still struggling to remember what a pencil case is, and my year 9 class can barely conjugate 'aller'. It just makes me realise how lucky I was having you as my teacher - and I can honestly say that doing French for A-level then at university was down to you! Oh I should also mention that I did my 3rd year abroad in Bordeaux - you are right - the best city in France!! I would love to hear your news - I bet school has changed beyond recognition since I was there. I hope you are very well, all the best.

Email from Former Pupil (November 2017)

We just would like to convey our sincerest thanks for all your help regarding the girls. We are truly sad to be departing but the school has left a great impression on all of us. Your members of staff have been exemplary. We wish you and Craigclowan all the best for the future.

Email from Parents, Leaving to Relocate Overseas (June 2017)

All the staff really enjoyed instructing the Craigclowan pupils. They were polite, well behaved and most importantly they had a 'can do' attitude. Even when they were a bit out of their comfort zone they all tried their best with the activity. Loch Morlich Watersports provides activities to a lot of schools and Craigclowan is one that the staff always look forward to having here.

Email from Keith Taylor, Owner of Loch Morlich Watersports Centre (May 2017)

Thank you for bringing your choristers to take part in the rehearsal and both recordings for Songs of Praise at the weekend. I’ve been planning to write and thank you for your support. I also wanted to ask you to thank all the children – as you probably gathered on Sunday, I was very moved by their singing. I’ve been directing Songs of Praise outside broadcasts since 1993 and have always found three hour recording sessions exhausting! The fact that the children sang so superbly and were always fully engaged is remarkable. They are all an enormous credit to you, their parents and Craigclowan School. Once again, many thanks to you and the pupils for your invaluable contribution to our recordings in Perth.

Email from Garry Boon, Producer of BBC's Songs of Praise (March 2017)

I just wanted to pass on our huge thanks to you for arranging our visit today, and to John for taking so much time to show us around Craigclowan. We were absolutely blown away by everything the school stands for - and the passion which is evident in the headmaster, staff and pupils. I can't see how any child could possibly be unhappy in such a great environment!

Email from Prospective Parents (February 2017)

I would like to thank the pupils and staff for their visit to Falkland Palace yesterday, the group truly was a pleasure to work with.

Email from Learning Officer, Falkland Palace & Gardens (July 2016)

The audience in your school was fantastic. One of my best shows ever. Please send my congratulations to all the children - their response made it very special for me. I would be delighted to come back any time.

Email From Artie Trezise MBE (ex-Singing Kettle Star) (May 2016)

The children at the school really are incredibly polite patiently waiting their turn at the busy times, politely reminding me they hadn't paid on occasion (!) and volunteering to help me pack up at the end. The school and parents should be very proud.

Email From a Stallholder at the Annual Christmas Fayre (November 2015)

Dear Craigclowan Junior Rugby Team, I really enjoyed my visit to your school to play rugby. The food was lovely and so were you. We were made to feel very welcome. Thank you again.

Letter from a Form 5 Pupil at Belmont House School (October 2014)

You influenced the development of our two boys while they were at Craigclowan School, and I thought that you would be interested to know how they are getting on. They both still speak fondly of their time at Craigclowan, even though they have now moved on and are both beginning new and exciting stages in their lives. Elder son carried on at senior school as you would have expected him to, with the same work ethic and dedication that was instilled in him at Craigclowan. He is currently in his first year studying English at St Andrews following a very exciting final year at senior school where he was Head of one of the boarding houses, and he represented the school on numerous occasions, including at 1st XV Rugby. He achieved 3 As at A-level in English, Latin and History. He's not quite sure what he eventually intends to do but it may involve the law or journalism. Younger son has really blossomed at senior school. Academically, his results have been extremely impressive and he achieved 10 As at GCSE, including 5 A*s in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geography. He is currently in the Lower VI studying Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Further Maths. He too has represented the school at a number of events and is becoming an accomplished public speaker. He has developed an entrepreneurial streak and, with a friend, now provides the music and lighting for virtually all the school's social events! Younger son is as passionate about science as Elder son is about the humanities, and he plans to eventually study a branch of engineering. I hope you didn't mind me writing like this, but I thought you would be interested to know how the boys are getting on.

Letter to Craigclowan Staff from the Father of Two Former Craigclowan Pupils (October 2014)

Apart from the obvious commitment to learning and the numerous activities on offer, the key aspect of the pre-school department at Craigclowan that shone out to us was the individual attention that each of our children received. Moreover, staff were always enthusiastic, sympathetic when needed and happy to discuss things with us at any time. We could not have imagined a better start to our children's school life. We have always said that experiencing the pre-school was an excellent advertisement for the rest of Craigclowan!

Letter to Head of Pre-school from the Parents of a Form 8 Pupil (as he moved on to Senior School, Summer 2013)

I felt I must contact you to congratulate the teachers and pupils on the trip, the behaviour and politeness of the children was exemplary and a credit to the school. Mr. Reynolds and his fellow teachers were very organised and ran the trip exceedingly well and clearly held the deep respect of all the children. The staff and fellow guests at the hotel had nothing but praise for the manners and general conduct of the school - rooms being kept especially tidy and no disturbance to the other adult guests either at meal times or in general around the hotel. The standard of skiing was excellent right the way through the group and it is pleasing to see a school treating the sport with the respect it deserves - well done Craigclowan. Please pass on my thanks to all for making it a very pleasurable and easy trip for me and wish them good luck with their skiing in Scotland this year and in the future.

From the SkiBound Representative (Ski Trip to La Plagne 2013)

It was an absolute pleasure, your children were angels, and their knowledge for their age as demonstrated on the day was exceptional! Normally we would split groups of that size if I have a colleague available, but it seemed your children were very attentive despite this. Looking forward to seeing you again next year.

From the Waste Awareness Co-ordinator at The Waste Education Boardwalk, Perth (after a visit by our Form 4 pupils February 2013)

The course went exceptionally well and all of the intended outcomes were achieved. Your pupils were a real credit to Craigclowan Prep School. Congratulations to you and your staff team for ensuring that your pupils had both an enjoyable and meaningful course last week.

From the Chief Executive of The Outward Bound Trust (about our Form 8 pupils at camp - June 2012)

I am just sending a quick email to say that I have just had the most pleasurable week of the season so far. Your children were polite as well as tidy and respectful towards the hotel and it was a pleasure to engage in conversation with them. I only wish that all of the school groups passing through my doors were quite as charming.

The Manager, Club-Hotel Provencal, Ski Trip 2011

As their teacher, it was very clear to me that all these students had benefitted from outstanding teaching at Craigclowan and that the success at GCSE would not have been possible without this base. Not only do these students have an excellent foundation in French, but they also know how to learn and are motivated, committed students. This attitude was apparent from the moment they arrived here.

From a Head of Department at a Leading Scottish Senior School (about former Craigclowan pupils)

I arrived, a stranger in your midst, at the end of March, to be interviewed by Mr. Rathborne with a view to covering Mrs. Wright's classes in Latin and English until her return. What on earth was I doing here, I wondered: a retired teacher; no spring chicken and never having taught any pupil under the age of 12! Carol, Ian and Liz were there to welcome and reassure me. Youll be fine said Carol airily, dashing off to her class. And I was. Just fine. Thanks to the support and friendliness of all the staff, from Mr. Rathborne to Ollie the gappy, there was not one moment of anxiety or of feeling out of place; everyone went out of his/her way to make me feel part of the school. Craigclowan is indeed fortunate in the calibre of its staff, who strive at all times to uphold not only a high standard of academic excellence but also an ethos of nurture for each pupil in every aspect of his/her school life. I found this a wonderful atmosphere in which to work. The pupils are a credit to the school and to their parents, what a delightful group of young people! They have the respect for the school, its staff and for each other; at no point did I hear a word spoken in anger or witness any lack of self-control or inflammatory situation. What l did observe was a healthy ethos of competition, hard work and good-natured activity - and a lot of laughter! Craigclowan is a happy school, and it has been a privilege to have been part of it.

A Stranger in your Midst by Margaret Christie (English & Latin Teacher March 2011 - December 2011)