A range of factors is considered when making the awards and there are no statutory rules. As a result, the number and size of bursaries can vary considerably. In exceptional circumstances awards of 100% have been made but the normal range is between 10% and 80% of fees.

Bursary awards are available to children at any stage, and are intended to facilitate access for new pupils or to assist existing pupils where there has been a significant change in financial circumstance, such as loss of income, which threatens the pupil’s continued attendance at Craigclowan. Bursary applications for existing pupils may be made at any time during the school year.

In the case of applications for pupils new to the Main School, parents should request a Bursary Application Form from the Bursar. This should be submitted either prior to or at the time of submitting the Application for Admission Form.

In all cases, the level of a school bursary is determined by the extent of financial need.  In accordance with the requirements of the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR), applicants are required to complete a Bursary Application Form which is available from the Bursar ([email protected]).  The completed form is confidential and provides information on the family and demonstrates total income, expenditure and capital assets.  Where no financial need can be established, no bursary will be granted.  The information requested in the form is in accordance with the Independent Schools’ Bursars Association and remains confidential to the Bursary Committee.  This committee consists of the Bursar, two Governors on the Finance Committee and the Head.

Parents applying for a bursary may wish to have a short meeting with the Bursar so that the process can be fully explained.  If required, help is available to complete the form.  Financial details are only discussed at the Bursary Committee and are not made available to any other staff within the school.  Any discussion regarding bursaries should only be with the Bursar, who will have the full details of any application.

Following assessment of the information provided in the application, the Bursary Committee decides whether support is appropriate and the level of such support. Unsuccessful cases may be the result of either lack of evidence of financial need, or insufficient availability of bursary funds. Where the number of applications received creates the possibility of bursary funds being oversubscribed, account will be taken of the degree to which the pupils will benefit from the academic nature of the curriculum and the extra-curricular facilities and opportunities available at Craigclowan.

There is no course of appeal following the award decision but unsuccessful applicants may re-apply in subsequent years.

Bursary awards are deducted from the tuition fees. No direct payment of funds is made to the parent. Any award is conditional upon the pupil making reasonable academic progress and maintaining good standards of behaviour. The award may be withdrawn in the event of any consistent breach of school rules or serious misconduct.

Bursaries are normally awarded on the basis that assistance will be maintained for as long as the pupil remains at Craigclowan. However, ongoing funding is subject to annual review and completion of the bursary form.

In some cases, awards may be granted for a limited period, subject to review. This often applies where a family has experienced a temporary change in their financial circumstances.

Where the financial position of the family changes, the Bursar must be notified and this may lead to a review of the amount of the bursary award granted. Where such review reveals that the family's financial circumstances have improved, the bursary may be reduced or withdrawn.

Any questions regarding bursaries should be addressed to the Bursar at [email protected].