It is the philosophy of Craigclowan that education is a broad field and we wish children to participate in all that is offered.

Therefore, we charge an inclusive fee in order to reduce the number of additional charges. The exceptions, which are by arrangement, are for trips and outings, skiing and individual music tuition. From time to time there may be other charges made but these are always communicated to parents before end of term billing.

The school has introduced a direct debit system. Rather than a single payment being made before the beginning of term, the total due each term will be taken in three instalments. The first payment of the term will be one third of the school fee plus any extras from the preceeding term, with the second and third payments being the remainder of that term's school fee. Fees are collected in the following months:

Winter TermAugust, September and October
Spring TermDecember, January and February
Summer TermMarch, April and May

Fees may be settled in a lump sum if preferred and parents interested in this method of payment should contact the Bursar for details.

Fees for the Academic Year 2024-25

Main School

Forms 1 & 2£5,730 per term
Forms 3 - 8£6,075 per term

Information on sibling discounts is available upon request.

A registration fee of £150 is due for each child when making an application for Main School. A deposit of £500 will be charged with the first term's fee invoice. The deposit is refundable upon request on completion of the child's time at Craigclowan, after settlement of the final invoice. One term’s written notice of withdrawal is required at any stage after submission of an Admission Form, otherwise one term’s fees will be charged in lieu. No refund of fees can be granted for absences from school.


Since January 2021, Craigclowan Nursery has been delivering the enhanced early years childcare provision which means that, through Perth and Kinross Council, it is part of the ‘1140’ free hours programme.  Any child awarded a place at the Nursery will qualify for the fully funded hours (i.e. at no cost/free at the point of delivery) from the start of the term following their third birthday. The funded hours are 0815 – 1500 Monday to Friday with the option of extending the day at a cost of £10 per hour if booked in advance.  Unfunded places are also available for those who, because of the age of the child, do not qualify for Perth and Kinross funding and this is charged at the daily rate of £65 (0815 – 1800).

A deposit of £200 will be charged with the first term’s fee invoice against any unfunded hours.  A further deposit of £300 will be charged when entering Form 1. The deposit is refundable upon request on completion of the child's time at Craigclowan after settlement of the final invoice.

In the best interests of the school, the Head reserves the right to require a child to be withdrawn if she considers his or her behaviour could have a detrimental effect on other pupils. In this event, no allowance can be made for return of fees.

monthly payment scheme is also available through School Fee Plan and any parents can discuss this method of payment with the Bursar.