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School Life (SPRING TERM - post half-term 2014)

Middle Choir at 'Perform in Perth'

21 Mar 2014
Middle choir sung beautifully to win their perform in Perth class

Junior Choir at 'Perform in Perth'

21 Mar 2014
On the last day of term, the Junior Choir have won their class at 'Perform in Perth'.

Sport Relief

20 Mar 2014

A very wet and windy day for our Craigclowan Sport relief mile. However this did not deter us from raising money for such a great charity.

We had walkers, runners, scooters, roller skates, skateboards and space hoppers in the Gym hall. All the children dressed in red, wore their Sport relief wristbands and completed their mile in style.

A fantastic morning of fun.

Here’s hoping we are once again the biggest fundraising Primary school in the UK this year.

Pond Digging

20 Mar 2014

Work has begun on the school pond.  We are very grateful to the volunteers who came to school today to dig out the pond and help in the garden.  A fantastic job, thank you!

U10 Boys Hockey v Cargilfield School (A)

19 Mar 2014

All Form 5 boys enjoyed the short trip to Edinburgh, along with a faithful band of supporters.  Our 3 teams played against Cargilfield at indoor hockey.  This was a first for our boys and they picked up the game really well, making excellent use of the balls as an extra player.  The ‘A’ played some great hockey, and to think these boys were only 9 years old was amazing.  It was touch and go right up to the last couple of minutes when Cargilfield scored 2 late goals to secure a hard-fought victory.
The ‘B’ team were 2 up after 2 minutes but slowly lost this lead.  They fought back well but felt it too late to steal victory in the last few minutes.
Our final match was the ‘C’ team.  It was their first experience of competitive hockey and they quickly realised there was no place to hide at indoor hockey.  Although it was a competitive match, it was their fitness and ability to keep possession of the ball that lost them this game.
It was a great afternoon for everyone, being able to see what level of concentration, fitness and team-work that was required to compete well.  We know what we need to work on as a group to ensure we dont leave Cargilfield next year without three wins!  Thanks for the great match teas and to Mr Pattinson for driving a car load of boys through, as well as being chief photographer and assistant coach.


U11A Boys Hockey v Loretto (H)

19 Mar 2014

This was our final match of the season and the boys in sky blue were determined to finish the season on a high. This final win was a result of a great team performance, passing the ball left and right building up play extremely well.  Patience was needed when tiredness set in, but perseverance throughout the match led to well executed goals when the chances came along. A well deserved 7-1 win against a determined Loretto side, and an excellent way to end the season. Well done boys.

U11B Boys Hockey v Loretto (H)

19 Mar 2014

This week we faced Loretto in our last match of the season. The boys played really well and gave it their all right until the end. Despite the score line being 8-1 to Loretto, we looked to tackle and continued to make runs into space. It has been a pleasure coaching the boys this season. Special mention must go to Olly C as he scored an excellent goal right inside the D.

Thank you very much to Loretto for making this a very competitive match. I wish them all the very best for the rest of the season. Well done boys a great team effort this season.


Form 8 Roman Feast

18 Mar 2014
On Tuesday March 18th Form 8 ‘Latinists’ celebrated the end of their study of Roman food and dining by having a feast. Most of the guests even managed to come wearing togas for the occasion and were served by the slaves for the day, Mrs Dibnah and MrsWright.
In true Roman fashion the guests reclined to eat, using their fingers to select a wonderful array of food whose theme was ‘food disguised as something else.’ Amongst the fare on offer were horns of plenty, sweets disguised in a variety of ways and sandwiches in the shape of a clock. There were large cakes disguised as a caterpillar, a clock and a football. There were small cakes in the shape of Romans wearing togas and laurel wreaths and Cyclops cakes with single eyeballs. There were also biscuits in the shape of a discus and some rocky Roman road squares.

In addition some pupils provided us with authentic Roman food. There was a pie containing a variety of meat and apricots which offered the sweet and savoury combination loved by the Romans. There was also bread, olives, salmon, cheese and honey and much, much more.

No Roman feast would be complete without entertainment and the guests were treated to a performance of ‘Hallelujah.’ by Armorel, Darcy and Nicola. All the guests joined in singing. A good time was had by all (even the poor slaves who were allowed by the masters and mistresses to sample some leftovers!)


Senior School Poetry Competition

18 Mar 2014

On Tuesday March 18th the final of the annual Senior School Poetry Competition took place. To earn a place in the competition, pupils in Forms 6 and 7 competed fiercely in their respective English sets to be voted by their classmates as one of the finalists.

Ms. Ellen Simpson, Head of English at St. Mary’s Melrose kindly agreed to act as judge this year. As ever there was a wide variety of poems on offer ranging from the funny to tragic. She praised the effort put in by all the pupils to memorise their poems and deliver their content with expression and understanding.

After offering each of the finalists some feedback on their performance Ms Simpson announced the winners. After careful consideration, first prize in Form 6 was awarded to Harry J-S for his excellent recitation of ‘Weasles.’ Emma H. and Isobel T. were highly commended in this age group.

In Form 7 first prize was awarded to Ben F. for his fantastic performance of ‘Money.’ Beatrice T. and Abigail H. were highly commended for their performances.

Well done to all the finalists for communicating the message in their poems so well and for sharing their enjoyment of poetry with the audience.

Finalists Form Six

Georgina  B.    ‘The Pig’ by Roald Dahl
Oliver F.           ‘Grounds for Recollection’  by  John Foster
Alice H.           ‘Norris the Sheep’ by Jojoba Mansell
Nicholas  M.    ‘It’s Raining in my Bedroom’ by Kenn Nesbitt
Harry J-S.       ‘Weasels’ by John Latham
Callum T.        ‘Albatross’ by Eleanor Farjeon
Sofia R.          ‘The Old Brown Horse’ by W.F. Holmes
Brooke McD.   ‘I saw a peacock with a fiery tail’  anon  +
                      Into my heart an air that kills’  by A.E. Houseman
Catriona H.     ‘The Adventures of Isobel’ by Ogden Nash
Emma H.        ‘Market Square’  A. A. Milne
Isobel  T.         ‘Sea Fever’ by John Masefield
Rob J.             ‘Invisible Boy’ by Mike Johnson
Helena  O.      ‘The Lightmare’ by Philip  Waddell

Finalists Form Seven

Georgia B.       ‘The Scorpion’ by Roald Dahl
Tom C.            'The Flotz’  by  Jack Prelutsky
Lachlan L.       ‘Dear Mum’ by Brian Patten
Magnus C.      ‘Beachcomber’ by George Mackay-Brown
Suzannah  M.  ‘Christmas Thank yous’  by Mick Gower
Abigail H.        ‘Huff’  by  Wendy Cope
Rosie P.          ‘The Dentist and the Crocodile’ by Roald Dahl
Maisie S.        ‘Blackberry Picking’  by  Seamus Heaney
Ben F.             ‘Money’ by Benjamin Zephaniah
Andrew S.       ‘I’ve Got my Head Stuck in the Railings’ by David Wood
Beatrice T.      ‘The Anteater’  by  Roald Dahl

Netball v Fettes

17 Mar 2014
U10 Netball v Fettes
Last game of the term and the girls started of a little nervous but soon found their Netball feet and played really well against an U11B team. They should all be very proud of how their Netball has developed over the term. The girls have had good results and I am very pleased with their progress. Final Score: DRAW 3-3

U9 Netball v Fettes
The U9 girls played well against Fettes, it was such a shame the time was limited for them. They certainly put a great second half performance in and it was obvious they were settling into the game. However only playing 12 minutes in total wasn’t enough time for our girls to show their true potential.  Overall, they should be pleased with what they have achieved this term.  I am very proud of them. Final Score: LOSS 2-1

Form 2 Forest Schools Adventure

17 Mar 2014

In the afternoon we went in the woods. There were some little people in the woods! They had left some wool on the trees for us to find as they were very friendly. We left some present for the made out of sticks and leaves.

By Fraser aged 7

Form 1 Trip to Sensations in Dundee

17 Mar 2014

Form 1 had a very enjoyable trip to Sensations in Dundee.  It was a great way to round off their topic this term of ‘the senses’.  The children had great fun getting hands on with all the experiments on offer to them.  They particularly enjoyed the ‘magic’ mirror and the big head!   

Skiing at Glenshee

15 Mar 2014

It was the end of an era last Saturday. Mr. Iain Simpson, after 26 years of Glenshee ski days and 11 foreign ski trips, took off his storm jacket, his smelly ski boots and stepped away from the Craigclowan ski trailer for the last time. It was truly a sad day for all, both staff and pupils, who have had the pleasure of skiing in his presence over the past few decades. I am sure that hundreds of Craigclowan children will remember him very fondly for one reason or another. I do hope that we will bump into him in the years ahead, eating a magnificent Glenshee bacon butty in the café, or sliding gracefully down Sunnyside. A wry smile will, no doubt, appear on his face as he drifts back to the many happy memories which I know he has Thank you Mr. Simpson! You are an inspiration and you will be missed on the slopes

Form 5 Fairtrade Dragons’ Den Competition

14 Mar 2014

Form 5 have spent time during the last three Friday afternoons working as a team, preparing their presentation, ready to sell it to the ‘Dragons’. Each team had to come up with a new snack, containing Fairtrade ingredients, along with packaging ideas, a marketing strategy, information on Fairtrade and finally how they did/didn’t manage to work as a team.

Our ‘Dragons’ came in the form of Mr Dibnah, Mr Pattinson and Mrs Spence.  They had all made their millions in a variety of different ways and made it tough for the competitors to convince them to invest in these new companies.  

Runners-up were ‘The Choco Bursts’ with their chocolate, marshmallow and dried fruit snack.  They hoped to advertise these at the up and coming Commonwealth Games!  The team of Jonny, Hayden and Torin were narrowly beaten by ‘The Trop Pops’.  It was their jingle and packaging that really stole the show.  Holly, Rachel, Izzy and Lara worked superbly to convince the Dragons they were the snack of the moment and worth investing in!  

Thank you to Form 3 and 4 for being a great audience and truly entering into the spirit of the afternoon.  Well done.


Golden Time Felt Making

14 Mar 2014

Forms 6-8 enjoyed an afternoon in the Art Room learning how to “wet felt”. They created some colourful felt panels, helped by Mrs Page and Mrs Dibnah.

Form 2 Penguin Afternoon

14 Mar 2014

When it was penguin afternoon we played ‘Skua attack’ and ‘Penguin Corners’. For team games we played ‘Good Night Penguin’ and ‘Penguin Nests’. We did our poems and sang a song. It was very fun and our mums and dads did a quiz. A lot of them got the questions wrong!

By Iona aged 7

Form 4 Egg Dyeing

14 Mar 2014
We will do our best to make this report a pun-free zone. Here goes…

The Form 4 boys and girls thoroughly enjoyed the experience of dyeing eggs and making mini baskets for them. Using various dyes, rubber bands and even olive oil, the children created some fantastic pieces of art.

A big thank-you to Mrs Collinson for sharing her great ideas and giving up her time so unshellfishly (we tried - sorry!). 

Forms 7 & 8 Fashion Show

14 Mar 2014

On Friday morning girls from Form 7 and 8 put the finishing touches to their Fashion Show and performed in front of the whole school. There were three groups, representing Rainforest, City and Ocean and some amazing costumes had been produced in their Wednesday afternoon activity period this term. The girls had chosen their themes and designed and made their dresses from recycled materials. Then, with Mrs Grant’s help, they had chosen music and put together a dance routine. Congratulations on a wonderful show!

Junior Assembly Talk - "Looking Forward to Easter"

14 Mar 2014

On Friday 14th March, Chris Franklin the father of Carter F3 and Landon F2 and Easton in Pre School, came to talk to The Junior Assembly about "Looking forward to Easter" The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed his visit.

St Leonard's Techno-Challenge

13 Mar 2014
Four members of form 7 represented Craigclowan at St Leonards for their Techno-Challenge. Finlay, Andrew, Maisie and Rosie took part in various activities including designing and constructing a car and a marsh and spaghetti tower. They won the spaghetti tower as it was the tallest! They also made  a media movie of Kung-Fu. The afternoon consisted of a relay maths challenge.
Thanks to St Leonard's for a super day and well done to all of the children!

Forms 6, 7 & 8 Ceilidh

13 Mar 2014

Thursday saw an afternoon of Scottish country dancing. Forms 3-8 took part in the Junior and Senior ceilidhs. The children have been learning the following dances in their Gym lessons...Suzuki Circle, Dashing White Sergeant, Virginia Reel and The Flying Scotsman. It was lovely to see so much Tartan and a very important tradition kept going at Craigclowan.

Lots of fun was had by all

Forms 3, 4 & 5 Ceilidh

13 Mar 2014

Form 8 Dragons' Den

13 Mar 2014

The fifth Form 8 Traidcraft Fairtrade Snack Attack Dragon’s Den Competition was held this week. This year the dragons were once again astounded by the standard of the entries and the effort which all pupils had clearly put into their products and presentations.  TV commercials, computerised animation, sound recordings for radio commercials, websites, all formed part of advertising campaigns as well as many gastronomic samples for the Dragons to taste.  Tropical Chill with their tasty ices opened the proceedings and the Dragons loved their use of persuasive techniques and humour in their advertising.  Kitschy Kebabs wowed the Dragons with their professional presentation and website.  The Dragons loved the concept of Conecopia – the horn of plenty!  Dip, Dunk Delight used a modern mix of marketing techniques to promote their product.  Eggstar produced the tastiest chocolate with the fruity surprise.  Tropajuiz was a fair trade drink with a super TV commercial.  Wake Up Shake Up impressed the Dragons with their catchy name.  McBayne’s Tablet was a hit with everyone for its taste and texture. Fancy Flapjacks were so tasty and their marketing campaign was so professional.  The Dragons had the most difficult task deciding upon a winner however they finally agreed that it had to be Morris’ Mousse on account of the delicious taste, research, TV Commercial, presentation and professionalism.  Very well done to everyone who took part, many thanks to our wonderful Dragons, Mrs Proctor, Mrs Wright, Mrs Page and Mr Ólafsson and good luck to “Morris’ Mousse” in the national competition.  Carol Dibnah

Form 3 Assembly

13 Mar 2014
Form 3 Pied Piper Assembly
On Thursday 13th Form 3 invited parents and teachers to watch their performance of the Robert Browning poem “The Pied Piper”.  The children recited and sang brilliantly. Well done all.

Forms 1 - 4 Bake Sale

13 Mar 2014
Fairtrade Baking Competition 2014
After two fabulous sales we have raised over £380 for Sharlene, our Kenyan student, who we fund through her schooling.

Class         Winner          Theme                                            Special Mention
Form 1       Zoe M             Easter                                             Samuel P • Tara H
Form 2       Fynn H           Banoffee Cup Cake                            Iona S.

Form 3       Teo T             Amazing Coral Reef Cake                   Annabel A • Riley T • Olivia J

Form 4       Ethan W        Banana and Toffee Chocolate Cake      Elizabeth D • Max M

Form 5       Adam A         Craigclowan Chocolate Cake               Harriett L • Torin E-M

Form 6       Georgina B    Heart Cake                                        Callum T
                 Alexander T   Marbled Monster Cake
Form 7       Lachlan L      Fairtrade Chocolate Cake                    Alex B

Form 8       Hope M         Flower Cupcakes                               Lottie D H

U13A & B Netball v Fettes & St Mary’s (A)

12 Mar 2014

The sun was shining, the atmosphere electric, six valiant teams of girls met to do battle. The girls found the amazon regiments of Fettes tough to beat on the day. Regrouped troops in light blue found fresh energy for their battles with their friends from Melrose. After a close afternoon on the battlefield all troops retired for sausages, beans and chips.  A wonderful day and wonderful company.

U13 Boys Hockey v Fettes (A)

12 Mar 2014

It was going to be a tough and tightly fought final game of the season.  Both teams had only lost one other match all season, so a victory was not going to be easy for the visitors.  Fettes could have been three goals up in 5 minutes if it wasn’t for the defending in the centre by Rory B and the first-class goal-keeping by Jamie G.  Then we woke up and Fettes had a game in their hands.  With Durness moving to centre back and Rory to sweeper, our defence tightened up and we looked more of a threat.  Just before half time, it was the turn of vice-captain Tom, to slot the ball into the goal: 1-0.  We may have been fortunate to have the lead at half-time but knew we were still far from victory.
Relentless pressure through the midfield and onto their forwards did see the home team score an early goal in the second half: 1-1. Captain John tried his best, both in terms of skill and in motivating his team to surge forward for another goal.  Unfortunately we were caught ball watching and Fettes scored a superb first-time shot: 2-1.

With five minutes to go, we tried hard to steal a late goal but it was not to be.  Although disappointed with the result, the standard of hockey was of a very high level. Thank you to all the parents who came through to support the squad and to Fettes for being the perfect host.

The whole season has been about team-work, with the older boys helping to bring on those who were less experienced at this level. Every Form 8 boy in the squad should be proud, not only of their hockey, but the way they encouraged our Form 7 boys.  I’m sure this experience will help us start next season with a strong core of players.  

It has been a pleasure to coach these boys and there is little doubt that those who are leaving Craigclowan will be a major strength to their schools next season.  Best of luck to them and for those who are staying – let’s aim one step higher for next year.

U11A Boys Hockey v Fettes (H)

12 Mar 2014

What a lovely afternoon! We had entertaining free-flowing hockey on show along with glorious sunshine. The boys were in a very positive mood and were determined to play to their strengths after lots of hard work in training. The game started well and from the pass back the boys in sky blue made a real go of things. A reshuffled midfield quickly settled into their stride and started creating chances for the lone striker. The defence also dealt well with attacks from Fettes and cleared away any loose balls. Oliver F deserves special mention for his performance in goal; he made a string of good saves and recorded a clean sheet, well done! All the boys were congratulated on this performance as it was really pleasing to see them play as a team and support each other effectively. Well done again, boys!

I would also like to thank all the parents who came along and supported the boys.

Final Score: Craigclowan 5 Fettes 0
Goal scorers: Charles H, Jon M, Toby S and Alexander T (x2).

U11B Boys Hockey v Fettes (H)

12 Mar 2014

It was a real pleasure to watch another fantastic match, played in beautiful conditions, by the U-11 B’s. We showed real promise as we worked hard in defence and attack; frequently making long runs, some accurate passes and brave tackles. Many thanks to the Fettes boys for playing their part in the match. They took the game 5-4 thanks to their wee bit of extra composure in front of goal. We can look forward to playing against Loretto next week in our last fixture of the season. With the positive attitude and effort shown by our players, I have no doubt we can finish off with another strong, team performance.

Craigclowan Scholars 2014

12 Mar 2014
Fantastic Scholarship Results!
It has been a quite remarkable and record breaking week for Craigclowan.  Over many years we have built up an outstanding record of preparing children for various scholarship examinations to leading independent senior schools in Scotland and England.

This year, 16 children have between them been awarded 18 scholarships to a number of prestigious local senior schools including Glenalmond College, Strathallan School and Kilgraston school along with schools further afield such as Merchiston Castle School, Dollar Academy and Ampleforth College.  

These awards are testimony to the breadth and quality of the school’s educational provision as they cover the full range of Academic (5), All Rounder (6), Sport (5), Music (1) and Art (1) scholarships, making a very impressive total of 115 scholarships in the last eight years.  

Headmaster Richard Evans said “I am especially delighted for the children who have, over many months, put so much time and energy into achieving these fabulous results.  We are extremely proud of them all as they have clearly fulfilled their potential, which is something we as a school put great emphasis on achieving for every child at the school”.

Dance Club Party

11 Mar 2014

The last Dance Club session of the term was much enjoyed by all our young dancers. They demonstrated their skill in well known dances as well as in the brand new Easter Dance which they had created for the occasion. A delicious party tea was of course a highlight of the afternoon. A big thank you goes to Mrs Farrow for her boundless energy and enthusiasm as she teaches our youngsters this important aspect of our Scottish culture.

U9 & U10 Netball v Ardvreck (A)

10 Mar 2014

The Craigclowan girls travelled to Ardvreck very excited to be playing their next game. The U9 girls dominated their game, playing some super Netball and proving that they are really going to be a side to be reckoned with in the future.

The U10 team had a trickier game against a good Ardvreck side.  The game was very close and Craigclowan kept calm and played their best netball in the last 2 quarters.

Final Scores: U9 Won 11-2 • U10 Drew 5-5

Overall, great Netball by both teams and again the matches were very well supported by Craigclowan parents.

World Book Day in Form 5

07 Mar 2014

Form 5 had great fun visiting pre-school-Form 4, telling them about one of their favourite characters.  They also dressed up and finally read a short passage from their selected group.  Thanks to all the pupils in the Junior School for being such appreciative audiences.

Form 5 Perform in Perth

07 Mar 2014
Form 5 Shine in Perform in Perth 2014
It has been a very successful few days for the pupils of Form 5 in the annual Perform in Perth Festival.  Almost every child in the year took part in either Bible reading, prepared reading or poetry recital.  Indeed some children excelled in all three classes.  A special mention must go to the three pupils who gained Honours certificates: Iona Fleming, Arthur Reynolds and Rachel Lang. This level of award is seldom awarded in the festival and to have three pupils reaching the mark of 90 is a fabulous achievement.  Numerous 2nd and 3rd place certificates were also received.  We look forward to the instrumental and choir classes over the next few days.

Strathallan Sixes Hockey Tournament

07 Mar 2014

What a day!  If one person told me we had an easy draw, there must half been another half dozen more!  The draw did go in our favour but it did mean the pressure was on.  All nine of our squad played extremely well in our first round games.  We secured convincing wins over St Leonards, Belhaven and Loretto.  This put us top of our section, before heading into lunch.  We had the challenge of Fettes in our semi-final.  This was a tough match with the score being 1-1 at full-time.  Straight into penalty strokes and still the teams could not be separated.  Sudden death and our boys came through the pressure well, perhaps slightly fortunately.

After a short rest, we had our old rivals Cargilfield to beat in the final.  There were numerous chances at each end but neither team could slot the ball into the net.  Durness and Archie worked tirelessly to make runs and create space up front.  The skills from John and the legs from Ben meant they controlled the midfield magnificently. At full-time the score stood at 0-0. Jamie, Rory O, Tom, Rory B and Andrew all had a fabulous tournament in their defensive roles.  “Golden Goal” time was played and although the ball came off the post we still couldn’t steal victory.  There was no choice but to decide the winners by penalty strokes.  Ben, John and Tom were the brave ones from our squad to step up to the spot.  Cargilfield just edged it to win the shield our boys had for the past twelve months.  Though the final result didn’t go our way, the boys left feeling proud of what they had achieved and how they had improved throughout the day.  The standard of hockey was fabulous from boys so young.  Led by John, the team-work and encouragement towards one another was first class.  It’s great to be able to watch a talented group play to their true potential.  We were proud to applause Jamie for winning ‘Goalie of the Tournament’ before the rest of the squad collected their silver medals from Stephen Dick, Olympic hockey player, in Beijing.

A genuine big thank you to Andrew Whitelaw for stepping in as a very able assistant coach for the day.  The boys respected him fully as he passed on useful knowledge from the sidelines.  Finally, thanks to Strathallan School for putting together a super tournament.  We hope to win the trophy back next year!

Form 5 Merchiston Maths Fun Day

06 Mar 2014

Two teams of 4 headed down to take part in Merchiston’s Maths Fun Day. 32 teams in all were competing with 4 members in each team. The very busy morning consisted of moving around timed stations where the children were required to use their logic and teamwork skills in order to solve a variety of different puzzles. After a delicious lunch the children then competed in a 2 paired relay answering a variety of mathematical questions.

 A big thank you to Mrs Sands, an accomplished mathematician in her own right, who joined us for the day and I’m sure enjoyed solving the problems as much as the children.

Ardvreck Netball Tournament

05 Mar 2014
U13 Netball Tournament at Ardvreck
The U13 team played their best netball so far this term. They played 4 matches in all; won 2 against St Mary’s and Loretto, drew 1 against Lathallan and lost 1 to Cargilfield. All matches were really close and fought well by all girls in the team. We narrowly missed qualifying to Lathallan as we drew in 2nd place in the Pool with them. The scores went to goal difference and we lost by 1 goal. Despite not qualifying, the girls had a wonderful afternoon’s netball. Thank you to Ardvreck for hosting the day.
U11 Netball Tournament
After Tuesday’s games session, the U11 team were certainly ready for the Ardvreck tournament. They were placed in a pool with Ardvreck and Kilgraston. The first game was Ardvreck and the Craigclowan girls dominated the game winning 7-1. Kilgraston was always going to be tricky match after their loss earlier in the term. However the girls stepped up to the mark and put in a great performance. They won 5-0 which meant Craigclowan progressed into the semi-finals.

Craigclowan next challenge was St Marys in the semis. However, they started the game with confidence and scored early, putting pressure on the St Marys team. The defence was strong and the shooters were accurate. They were brilliant and beat St Marys 4-1 to reach the final.

Craigclowan next challenge was Cargilfield in the final. It was a very nail biting game. We scored first, then Cargilfield at half time the score was 2-2. After a team talk at half time, telling the girls they were playing really well and just to keep going for another 8 minutes, they did.

FINAL SCORE: 4-3 to Craigclowan. In the words of Pharell W “Happy!!!”

Well done girls, you were just fantastic and fully deserved the medals at the end.

Form 1 Pizza Making

05 Mar 2014

Form 1 enjoyed creating some yummy pizzas.  Children worked well with their partner selecting toppings of their choice.  The children used their sense of taste and enjoyed eating their delicious creations!

Scottish Prep Schools Ski Race at Glenshee

04 Mar 2014

Three teams of four skiers headed up to Glenshee to compete in the race on Tuesday. With a new, thick covering of snow, high winds and low cloud, conditions did not look favourable when we arrived. Luckily the weather improved as the morning passed so the race was able to go ahead without any problems. All of the children tried hard in difficult snow conditions to get a swift time on the record sheet before heading back to the start to get a second run. The second run, though in bright sunshine, was very tough as the course had cut up quite a bit due to the eighty skiers taking part.
We were to come away with some success which was a great result. The girls team (Maisie M, Bella B, Cleo M and Cleodie L) were to finish in Bronze medal position and Alexander T was to get a Bronze as the third fastest Under 11 male skier.
Thank you to Mrs Whitelaw and Andrew Whitelaw for all their assistance through out the day.
Well done everyone!

Scottish Ski Cross Championship
Mention must go to Maisie Morgan who achieved a fantastic result at the Under 12 Scottish Ski Cross championship at the weekend where she recorded a Bronze medal position. Being so young this really is a magnificent result. Well done Maisie!

Form 3 Pancake Race

04 Mar 2014

The annual Form 3 pancake race was hotly contested this year.  Form 3M narrowly won in a short –head finish.

Form 1 Pancake Makers

04 Mar 2014

Form 1 children enjoyed taking pictures of their pancake making session.  The children enjoyed making and more importantly eating their yummy pancakes!  Lots of fun was had including the smoke alarm going off…oops!!

New Additions to the Board of Governors

03 Mar 2014

Craigclowan is delighted to announce the recent appointment of two new Governors to the Governing Board.

Richard Bullen
Richard’s three children are currently being educated at the School.  He has held a number of senior management positions, most recently as CEO of Capital Risk Solutions, an insurance division of AXIS Capital Ltd.  This role took him to Bermuda, Singapore and London.  He read Economics and Economic History at Liverpool University and followed this up with an MSc in International Banking Economics and Finance.

Peter Kirk
Peter is currently an Education Consultant and also holds the part-time post of Executive Chairman of the Independent Schools Examination Board, the organisation that produces Common Entrance and Common Scholarship exams for Independent Schools across the UK and overseas.  He taught in both the junior and senior sectors, at Marlborough College and Glenalmond College, where he was Housemaster of Reid's.  He went on to be Headmaster of Bramcote Prep School in Scarborough and, most recently, Headmaster of Bilton Grange in the Midlands for ten years.  Peter's interests are country pursuits, skiing and music.  He has two grown-up daughters, both of whom attended Craigclowan, and Peter is a former member of Craigclowan's PTA.

30th Scottish Preparatory Schools Cross-Country Championships at Dunbar

02 Mar 2014
U12 Girls’ Team victory and Bronze for U14 Ben P
This prestigious annual event saw a record gathering of over 250 high calibre competitors representing 13 different schools on what could be described as the almost perfect running day.
Craigclowan has gradually established itself in this demanding discipline and this year again, our 22 athletes displayed fitness as well as mental toughness when tackling the relatively flat but often uneven course of up to just under 2 miles, depending of the age group. With the best four runners to count, the highlights were as follows:

In the U12 Boys race, first home was Arthur R (8th), who with solid runs from Toby S (14th), Harry J-S (32nd) and Freddie C (33rd), in a field of nearly 60 boys, saw the team placing a creditable 4th overall.

Elated by their recent Winners’ title at Strathallan, the U12 girls felt the pressure and battled fiercely. Rosie P confirmed her fine form of three days ago by finishing 4th. Helped by team mates Sofia R (5th), closely followed by Rachel L (7th), and Rosie M (19th),in this field of over 58 girls, the Team became winners of the I.A.P.S. U12 Girls’ Trophy.

The U14 Boys did not shy away from hard work either, in this field of over 40 competitors, as Ben P remained strong all the way, securing a Bronze medal for himself in the process. With relentless runs from John S (16th) as well as Campbell H (23rd), followed by Magnus C (28th), the team finished a creditable 4th.

The U14 Girls’ race was another hotly contested event of 44 athletes where battles were fought by Suzannah M (14th), Nicola McA, Bella B, Alex and Abi H. The team placed a respectable 7thoverall.

We are grateful to all the runners who invariably trained hard and in good cheer from September to March. We are sorry that the unfortunate timing of some illnesses has prevented promising athletes to compete but we know that their time will come.
Our thanks also extend to the ever growing number of parents, who, kept up with our routine and came to support some/all of the exciting but at times windy and cold events away this term.

Concert at St. Ninian's

01 Mar 2014

The Friends of Perth Cathedral Music hosted the second concert in the 2014 series on Saturday
1st March 2014.  A large audience of parents and extended families and FPCM patrons were
 presented with a feast of music performed by the pupils of Craigclowan Preparatory School and
in some cases performances which belied  the age of the students were given.

The programme started with ‘Strings aloud’ playing Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ which was well balanced
and with nice musicality. Other ensemble groupings were heard- the F4 Ocarina group playing
‘Mussi’den’ and’ Kokaburra’ with great panache.  Do you know what an ‘ocarina’ is? Those in the
Audience will now know the answer to that question. Later in the programme the audience enjoyed ‘Mellow Cellos’ and ‘Cello Champs’ playing Twinkle Twinkle, Mary Had a Little Lamb and
Freemason’s Song respectively.  There is obviously some very fine cello teaching at Craigclowan.

The ensemble performances were separated by a number of fine young soloists.  To sing solo or to play in front of a large audience takes courage but is a wonderful experience too.  And what a range of soloists were heard.  Both singers Isabella and Meghan sang beautifully, both recently being selected to be part of the National Youth choir. Cleodie ‘s mastery of the Snare Drum was
exemplary as was Gregor’s bagpipe solo played with confidence and skill and Tom’s guitar solo of John William’s  ‘Cavatina’

Two other solos were equally well performed: Ben’s  cello solo was beautifully and musically shaped and the tuning and tone really outstanding.  The final solo given by Lewis whose understanding of the style and skill of playing electric Guitar was much enjoyed.

The concert ended with the Middle Choir singing Lions and Crocodiles, and The Little Spanish Town. As always with Craigclowan choirs, diction was impeccable and obviously they enjoyed singing. Congratulations to all who took part in the concert.

Form 4 to Botanic Gardens

28 Feb 2014

The Form 4 boys and girls enjoyed an incredible day of new experiences at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh. We explored many different rainforest settings, discovering incredible plant life along the way. Some of us even had the chance to hunt monkeys! Our guides were very impressed with our behaviour, so well done to everyone for painting such a glowing picture of Craigclowan School. A fantastic trip and a fantastic learning experience for one and all.

Fairtrade Baking Competition and Sale

28 Feb 2014

On Friday the pupils from Form 5-8 really did excel themselves with their baking expertise.  Each recipe had to include at least one Fairtrade item.  We had sponges, cakes, tray bakes and biscuits galore!  Our judges found it really tough to decide on winners.  Entries from Harriett, Torin and Adam caught their eye in the Form 5 category.  Alexander, Lachlan and Lottie were selected as the main winners in the senior school.  More importantly was the money raised.  We will put this towards the education of the child we sponsor from Kenya.  We raised over £100 in this sale.  This will be added to our Form 1-4 profit from their sale and competition next week.  Good luck to them!

Strathallan Cross-Country Races

27 Feb 2014
Gold for Girls’ Team and for Rosie P. – Silver for Suzannah M.
28 pupils, some as young as 9, from Form 5 to Form 8 made the short journey to Forgandenny to compete in the youngest category available on the day: Under 14.

On this day, in what could have looked like the perfect running conditions, Boys and Girls lined up on the start line ready to run over an undulating course measuring 1.5 mile. Just before the gun went, the heavens open, giving way to a freezing and heavy gush of rain, a scene which none will ever forget. Many were racing for the first time on this extremely slippery course and everyone took the challenge seriously, finding the occasion exciting enough to run possibly even faster than usual, in front of the cheering crowd of pupils and parents.

Our girls did their hard training justice by winning the overall U14 event with Rosie P (overall winner) Suzannah M (2nd), Sofia R (4th) and Rachel L (12th), out of 46 girls.
The Boys also did the school proud and saw young Toby S (8th), Campbell H (9th) race hard in the U14 race. With strong runs from younger team mates Arthur R and Jonny M, the team finished 4th overall.

Credit also goes to Leo C for running the whole course in one shoe, having lost the other one at the start. The likes of Georgina B, Holly F and Iwan T can also be proud of what they achieved on their first race in such a “buttery” course. Finally, we are grateful to Donny who kindly drove us to the venue and supported everyone’s effort.

Form 1 to 3 Ski Day at Glenshee

27 Feb 2014

Well I have to admit to being a little anxious about taking 58 five to seven year olds up to Glenshee. With the help of a magnificent forecast, a great team of staff and the superb instructors from Freshtracks the day went off without a hitch. We even managed to get up and down the twisty road without any stops or the use of any buckets. Fantastic! I am sure that it is a day that many of the children will remember for a long time to come. For the first time skiers, I expect the ski bug might have been caught and for the more experienced, a new found love of the mountains, the snow and the adrenaline rush. Well done to all and thank you for making it such a fun day.

Form 1 Fun Activities

27 Feb 2014

Seven form 1 children enjoyed completing lots of fun activities back at school whilst the others were away skiing.  We did some exciting and tricky problem solving, had a touch scavenger hunt, created our own imaginative story using props about St David and baked Welsh cakes!  Yum!!

U12 Netball v Brig Club (H)

27 Feb 2014

It is always really good to play out of the private school circuit and play a local club. It was a great, friendly game and all the girls played really well. We were very quick around the court and passed the ball with a great degree of accuracy. Many thanks for the support from parents and for the superb packed teas at the end. Overall a performance the Craigclowan girls should be proud of. Final Score : WIN: 25-8

Form 2 Biscuit Activity

27 Feb 2014

On Thursday 27th February, Form 2 children made lovely iced biscuits. This included Science, Maths and designing. The children weighed out the ingredients and helped to mix them together. They then cut out various shapes and we took them to the kitchen where Jean kindly cooked them for us. When we got them back, we iced them and chose different decorations to make them look pretty. The children had lots of fun and took the biscuits home for their families to enjoy.

Form 1 Using Braille

26 Feb 2014

Form 1 enjoyed using the braille alphabet to create their names using split peas.

U13A Boys Hockey v Riley (A)

26 Feb 2014

The sun was shining, again, and the crowd of supportive parents were ready to be entertained by some quality hockey.  They were not left disappointed.  Wave of attack after attack from the Craigclowan boys eventually saw a good finish from Durness.  The selfless runs continued from our forwards of Archie, Magnus, Durness and George helping their midfield to feed accurate passes through. Quality passing from John throughout the game helped to open out the game up the left.  Another goal, this time with Archie stealing the final touch, gave us a comfortable 2-0 lead.  Durness finished this first half with a beautiful strike of the ball into the bottom left-hand corner: 3-0.

In the 2nd half Tom found more ball out to Ben on the right.  Our attack was good, but it lacked the pace and flair required to break through a solid defence.  Though no further action was to be seen in our attacking goal it was great to see our defensive team of Jamie, Rory x 2, Will and Andrew marking tightly and passing the ball safely to the side.  Well played boys. Now is the time to concentrate on our 6 aside game for Strathallan Sixes next week.

U11 Netball v Loretto (A)

26 Feb 2014

The U11 showed a marked improvement this week on the Netball court against Loretto. They played really well as a team. They passed the ball much better and their shooting was really good. Natalia played her best game of the term, very alert and hungry for the ball. Overall a much better performance, well done!  Final score: WIN 13-5

U10 Boys Hockey v Lathallan School (A)

25 Feb 2014

We couldn’t have had a better afternoon to introduce many of our U-10 players to competitive hockey.  With the mini-bus packed up and Mr Pattinson chauffeuring the three extra players, all the Form 5 boys enjoyed their trip up the A90.  Our three teams all played against Lathallan in a friendly tournament.  There were no goalies, just kicking backs, shooting had to be done outside of the “D” and the sideboards of the fence could be played off.  This was enough to confuse us all for the first two minutes then the games settled down!  Frantic passing and wild tackling was quickly replaced with possession play and solid, low tackling.  There were lots of goals to celebrate and most players played in every possible position.  We played nine short matches in total, winning 7 and drawing the remaining two.  Our hockey improved as well as the manner we celebrated our goals.  In line with the rest of the afternoon, match teas was a friendly affair with everyone getting the chance to chat to players they are likely to meet fairly regularly over the next few years.  A big thank you to Lathallan for making us feel so welcome.
DJ Bullen and Beedie kept the radio tuned into the correct channels on the way back to Craigclowan.  Well played everyone and I hope this is just a small taste of what the whole of Form 5 can work towards achieving as they progress through the various sports teams at Craigclowan.
KT and AP

U10 & U9 Netball v Loretto

24 Feb 2014

U10 Netball v Loretto (A)
The U10 girls played a great game of Netball against Loretto on Monday. They passed the ball really well and worked really well as a team. The defence was strong and the shooters were really accurate. Overall the girls should be very pleased with their first game of the term.
Final Score: WIN 8-2

U9 Netball v Loretto (A)
The U9 girls headed to Loretto for their first Netball game of the term. They were all very excited and played a good game. The girls passed the ball successfully and managed to secure a win against a good Loretto side.
Final Score: WIN 6-1

Guide Dog Visit

24 Feb 2014

On Monday Form 1 enjoyed a visit from a gorgeous Guide Dog puppy ‘Wendy’ and her trainers.
We hear all about the initial training of the guide dogs and how well behaved they have to be all the time. Wendy was very calm and she followed a few commands from her trainers before we were all allowed to stroke her! Thank you very much to The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association for taking the time to come and visit us.

Form 3 Trip to Sensations Science Centre

24 Feb 2014

On Monday 25th February 2014 form 3.M went to Sensations and then had a very long walk up to the Law.

First, form 3.M and 3.D.S went into Dundee to go to Sensations Science Centre.
At the start of the trip Catherine told us all about the things we were going to do. The first activity that we did was to go on the giant head. It was a big scramble to get up the nostrils!

Next we went to the “How to be a scientist room” Catherine told us about acid and alkaline.
After that we had to put big white coats on and did exciting experiments like putting purple liquid into clear shiny liquid and it made a different colours. When it came to mixing all the liquids together we mixed bicarbonate of soda and vinegar it bubbled over!

After that we had another play on the giant head and bought things from the shop. I bought a love-heart slinky,  a ruler, pen and a bouncy ball. Shortly after, we had a lovely lunch. I felt Olivia H’s freezing cold ice pack for her lunch bag. After, we went back in the bus and went for a very long walk up to the Law. We looked at the river as it floated by and Mrs Perkins took photos of us.

On the way back down I slipped and got mud on my shiny black shoes.
Ellie and I played with our slinkeys on the bus home.
My favourite part of the day was going up the slippery giant head.

By Riley T. (Form 3M)

Glenalmond Cup Junior Schools Debating Competition

23 Feb 2014

On Sunday 23rd February, Craigclowan’s two debating teams travelled to Glenalmond College to take part in the 21st edition of the Glenalmond Cup Junior Schools' Debating Competition. 12 teams debated the same motion simultaneously in three pools in the first round and then teams were re-distributed for another simultaneous round. The best 4 teams on points gained during the two rounds progressed to the Final. In round one, the motion was: “This House believes that experience is more valuable than youth” whereas in round two it was: “This House would increase the required amount of physical education to five hours per week in all mainstream schools”

Both Craigclowan teams ("A" team: Darcy M. and Bella B. & "B" team: Lotte D.H. and Maisie S.) impressed in both rounds but only the A team qualified for the Final.

The motion for the Final was: "This House believes that examinations are the death of education and should be banned". Craigclowan  'A' and Morrison's 'A' proposed the motion whilst Dollar'A' and Dollar 'C' were in opposition.
Darcy and Bella opened the case for the proposition and the abolition of exams with great clarity, passion and poise and were declared this year's winners.

This is Craigclowan's 14th win in 21 years.

Many thanks to my colleagues Maureen Wright and Fabienne Thompson for all their hard work before and during the ‘Big Day’!

Patrick Borderie

View the official report on the Glenalmond website: Here

Glenshee Skiing

22 Feb 2014

Craigclowan’s early meeting system certainly came into its own last Saturday. With the snow in plentiful supply and a good forecast the crowds were going to descend in vast numbers. Well that did not worry us as we managed to get a good six or seven runs in before the queues appeared. It was certainly worth getting up that little bit early for. We were even blessed with the sun in the afternoon. Well done to everyone and thanks as ever to the cheerful, talented instructors from Freshtracks.

Form 3 Visit Fergusson Art Gallery

21 Feb 2014

Form 3 would strongly recommend that all Mums, Dads, aunties ,uncles, brothers, sisters and friends should visit the Fergusson Gallery the art is great and it is FREE!

Form 8 Islam Talk by Mrs Quaba

21 Feb 2014

Mrs Quaba once again gave up her time to come and give her stimulating and informative power point presentation on Islam to the Form 8 boys and girls. It is a very important way of passing on the truth about Islam and living as a Muslim in Britain to the boys and girls as they continue their studies for Common Entrance. I am extremely grateful to Mrs Quaba for coming to give her talk and I am sure that it will have helped bring this fascinating religion to life for Form 8.

Kilgraston Swimming Gala

20 Feb 2014

A team of 9 girls swimmers went to Kilgraston on Thursday and swam in their annual gala. The U11 girls won their section and the U13 girls were 3rd. Overall the Craigclowan girls team won the gala, which is pretty impressive considering we do not have a pool.
Fantastic result. Well done girls!

Form 1 Fun Afternoon

20 Feb 2014

Form 1 enjoyed a fun filled afternoon with lots of sensory activities.

National Girls Training Choir

20 Feb 2014

Two Form 8 girls from Craigclowan School, Meghan and Darcy, have been awarded places in the National Girls Choir Training Choir.  

The NGCTC, whose members are selected from all over Scotland, has developed into a fine young choir in its own right and acts as an important training ground for the National Youth Choir of Scotland.  It has its own dedicated team of singing and vocal staff and undertakes concerts as well as offering specialist training.

Meghan and Darcy will attend a residential course in the Summer holidays where they will receive vocal coaching and individual singing lessons from top flight singers currently performing professionally.

It is an outstanding achievement for the girls, who both have vocal coaching at Craigclowan, especially as the choir takes children up to the age of 16 and Meghan and Darcy are just 13 and 12 respectively.

Form 4 Friarton Recycling Centre Webwalk

20 Feb 2014

The Form 4’s enjoyed a very interesting, informative and windy trip to the Friarton Recycling Centre where we took part in the Web Walk. On this trip, we learned about the different types of waste that we produce and what can be done with it. We were surprised by many of the innovative ways of REDUCING, REUSING and RECYCLING our rubbish. I’m sure we will all think that wee bit harder about exactly what we put in the bin from now on!

U13A Netball v Riley (A)

19 Feb 2014

The "A" team were even more determined to get a win when they travelled to Riley. They achieved their goal! We played well and won 9-3.

U13A Boys Hockey v Ardvreck (H)

19 Feb 2014

Our first home game of the season was well supported by many parents from both teams.  The first half saw some good passing hockey, with Ardvreck taking an early lead.  A quick reply by Archie took the score to 1-1 and it looked like the tempo of the game was going to go up and up. A great run up the left by John and an excellent reverse stick strike into the bottom corner put Craigclowan ahead for the first time in the game.  Unfortunately the early passing that we talked about disappeared and the match turned into a bit of a dribbling frenzy.  It was great to see Ben P get his name on the score card after persevering well throughout the match.  Another goal by Ardvreck made it a tense last few minutes.  The final score saw Craigclowan win 3-2.  There has been better hockey played this season, but as they say, “A win’s a win!”

Well played boys.

U11 Netball v Kilgraston (H)

19 Feb 2014

After a half term break and missing 2 key players due to illness proved a real problem for Craigclowan today.  Kilgraston played well and controlled the game. Our girls struggled to pass the ball with accuracy and they would admit they didn’t play well. Overall it was a good, friendly game. Team teas went down a treat and Craigclowan will pick themselves up for next weeks game at Loretto. Final score: 11-7 to Kilgraston

U11A Boys Hockey v Ardvreck (A)

19 Feb 2014

The U11A team arrived at Ardvreck with little time available to warm up. This was due to quite busy traffic as we headed along to Crieff from Perth. Nevertheless, the A team got off to a decent start. The boys in sky blue seemed determined to keep the ball and attack with purpose down the right. After two minutes we had our first attempt on goal which although decently executed, failed to find the target. The boys seemed to grown in confidence and soon after they were one nil up. Great team play from back to front and down the right resulted in Harry J-S finishing off a great team move. Soon after it was two! Lachlan L (Capt) showed great skill and vision to work his way into the ‘D’ and finish well. Play for the rest of the half was quite fast and frantic with both sides having a number of shots at goal.

The Craigclowan team was at its best when the ball was played wide to the wings before being crossed back in to the middle; the wings did their job very well in the first half which put Ardvreck under a lot of pressure. The defence was solid and always tried to deliver the ball, at pace, to the players waiting further up the field.

The second half was just as exciting as the first. Once again, both teams played at a frantic pace and had numerous shots at goal. At half time, Alistair J-E replaced Harry J-S up front and scored after less than three minutes on the pitch! This was the result of a superb team counter attack that saw defence quickly turned into attack. The boys seemed determined to spread the ball quickly and purposefully.

Unfortunately a lapse in concentration and some poor marking allowed Ardvreck in for their goal. In future the boys must look to help their keeper by clearing any loose balls out to the side to avoid any rebound shots coming in.

I would like to thank Ardvreck for their very warm and friendly hospitality and also to the many parents who came along to support the boys.

Finally, very well played boys a great win!

Final Score: Craigclowan 3    Ardvreck 1

Scorers: Harry J-S, Alistair J-E & Lachlan L

Jonathan Doak

U11B Boys Hockey v Ardvreck (A)

19 Feb 2014

The fixture between Ardvreck and Craigclowan U11B teams can be summed up in three words: What a match!

In this tension filled, pulsating contest, the Craigclowan boys emerged victorious with a 1-0 win in front of their U11A friends and host of supportive parents. A well taken goal from a penalty corner was all that separated the teams with 10 minutes to go. The boys had to absorb immense pressure from Ardvreck as they searched desperately for the equaliser. Fortunately, we defended well enough to see out the game, much to the delight of our players and supporters.

Hopefully we can build on this victory and continue our improvement going forward.

Well done, lads.

U13A Netball v Lathallan (A)

18 Feb 2014

Lathallan fielded a strong side this year. The Craigclowan "A" team were really hoping for a win and played well but unfortunately were outplayed by their opposition. We still managed to score 14 goals and the game was tightly fought for 3 out of the 4 quarters. We lost 22-14.

Open Morning

18 Feb 2014

Despite the mist which surrounded the school on Tuesday morning, we had a good turnout for our latest open day, when visitors and parents came to see Craigclowan at work.

Visitors were warmly welcomed by the Headmaster and toured the school with our Form 8 pupils, who enjoyed their role as tour guides, especially when parents brought their youngest children to see us!  Indeed, many of our guests commented as they left on what wonderful ambassadors our senior pupils are.  Parents were also welcomed into lessons and encouraged to participate.  Pre-school was once again a hive of activity with visiting youngsters joining in the morning’s activities.

Our pipers and drummers entertained everyone in the Square at morning break, accompanied by their teachers.

If you were unable to attend the Open Morning and would like to arrange a visit to the school at another time, please contact Jennifer Trueland in the school office.

Form 8 Trip to the Edinburgh Mosque

17 Feb 2014

On Monday all of Form 8 visited the Edinburgh Mosque to continue their studies of Islam. It was an excellent, informative day with a guided tour of the mosque, a talk on the Islamic faith and traditions and finally a fantastic meal at the Mosque Kitchen. I am sure that all of the boys and girls will remember the trip and I hope that it won’t simply be because of the amazing curries that we all tucked into.