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School Life (WINTER TERM - post half-term 2015)

U11 Rugby

11 Dec 2015
It has been a mixed bag this term. There have been some magnificent, gutsy performances most noteably against Marchiston and Ardvreck where the teamwork and excellent organisation were evident but there has also been some performances which left Mr Reynolds and the watching parents wondering how one group of boys could produce performances so far removed from the previous ones. But then Mr Reynolds watched the rugby world cup and realised that if professional national sides can have such fluctuating performances under 11 Boys certainly could too.

Good luck to all of the boys heading to senior rugby next year. Make sure that you continue to work hard on the most important elements to the game. Teamwork and self belief.

Fair Trade Snacks

09 Dec 2015

Dry Slope Skiing

07 Dec 2015

Forms 1 & 2 Christmas Party

04 Dec 2015
Well, what an end to a rather busy week at Craigclowan! On Friday afternoon the dining room was turned into a Christmas Glitter Party Room.  The Form 1 and 2 children had an absolute ball!  They danced, they jumped, they sang and then enjoyed a special Christmas party tea!  That was not all, the extremely well behaved children had a special visit from Santa Claus.  The staff, PTA members and parent helpers adorned in Christmas jumpers, glitter hairbands and oodles of Christmas cheer joined in the party with enthusiasm and some fabulous dance moves too!
A truly festive party!

Forms 4 & 5 Christmas Show

04 Dec 2015

Golden Time

04 Dec 2015
Forms 6, 7 and 8 enjoyed doing their chosen Golden Time activity on Friday. Some went to Bowlplex in Dunfermline for Ten-Pin Bowling, some chose to go to Climbing at Avertical World in Dundee whilst some chose to stay at school to bake pizzas and cakes. Everyone had a great time! Here are a few pictures.

Strictly Come Form 1!

04 Dec 2015
Miss Wood and Mrs Clark were lucky enough to be given a showcase of all the fabulous Scottish Dances Form 1 have learned this term. They were very impressed by the children’s ‘skip changes’ and thought their bowing and curtseying was very elegant – maybe we can introduce this as our everyday welcome! Well done to Mrs Farrow and all the children for working so hard this term.

Puppet Show

04 Dec 2015
The Pre-School and Junior pupils all enjoyed a treat this morning as we were able to watch Form 6-8 pupils perform in a puppet show. We enjoyed watching the three performances of ‘Panta Claus’, ‘The Grinch who stole Christmas’ and ‘Santa’s Elves’. We loved seeing all the colourful character and ‘Panta Claus’ in particular was hilarious! Well done to everyone involved, what an enjoyable morning!

Form 1 Fairytales

04 Dec 2015
Form 1 had a lovely visit from Form 7 who had come to share Fairytales they had written.  The children hugely enjoyed being visited by the older children and adored their fabulous stories and beautiful illustrations. Thank you Form 7!

Form 3 Christmas Show

02 Dec 2015

Form 2 Christmas Show

02 Dec 2015

Form 1 Christmas Show

02 Dec 2015

Form 2 Christmas Cake Baking - Part 1

02 Dec 2015
On Wednesday morning Form 2 headed over to the new kitchen to help Mrs Page with some Christmas baking. We had all brought a tin to school to help us with this activity. We set to work mixing and stirring all the ingredients… making Christmas wishes as we worked of course!
Once the mixture was ready we spooned some into a tin and Mrs page popped it into the oven for an hour.

Form 2 Christmas Cake Baking - Part 2

01 Dec 2015

Form 6D Medusa Masks

30 Nov 2015

Form 6 Medusa Masks

27 Nov 2015
Form Six Latinists have been making these wonderful Medusa masks in their myths and legends classes.

Masterchef Visit

26 Nov 2015
BBC Masterchef: The Professionals winner Jamie Scott joined us at Craigclowan today to formally open our new kitchen classroom and conference room.  The teaching kitchen has been developed in a former storage room in the Main School building and the result is a bright, well-lit kitchen and meeting room space.
Jamie was joined by Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) dietitian Jennifer Robertson for the visit which saw our Form 8 pupils take part in a lively cooking demonstration.  They assisted Jamie to make Scotch Lamb Koftas and Scotch Beef Fajitas, with the beef and lamb sourced from Perth butcher DG Lindsay & Son, who also supply the main school kitchen.  The children also enjoyed a talk on the importance of a healthy diet, and demonstrated that they have a good understanding of the various food groups and where food comes from.
Jamie, who is opening his own restaurant in Newport early in 2016, also spent time chatting with Jean and Paul in the dining room about the top quality local produce that we serve each lunchtime. 
“It has been a real pleasure to visit the school to see the excellent new kitchen and have the opportunity to meet pupils and staff and hear about the priority being placed on learning about good nutrition and serving great local food“, said Jamie.  “I was also impressed to find out about the school’s activities to keep food waste to a minimum and some great recycling projects their pupil-led eco-committee has developed”.
Needless to say the children enjoyed eating the food of the Masterchef champion and hearing all about what goes on ‘backstage’ at the making of the television programme.

U9 Rugby v Belhaven

25 Nov 2015
The ‘A’s and ‘B’s played their final games of the season at home on a lovely afternoon and won 8 tries to 1 and 11 to 5 respectively. It was a great way to round off the term and all of the boys should be proud of how far they have come on this autumn. Well done boys, and let’s hope we have as much fun on the hockey pitch after Christmas!

WOSPS v Dandylions

25 Nov 2015
Always an eagerly anticipated fixture in the calendar is the WOSPS v Dandylions match.  Unfortunately a clean sweep for the Dandylions today, although a closely fought 'A' team match kept the spectators on their toes until the final whistle. Well done the four girls who represented Craigclowan at the WOSPS today.
Final Score: WOSPS 'A' 1 - Dandylions 'A' 2 / WOSPS 'B' 0 - Dandylions 'B' 6

U11 Hockey v Belhaven

25 Nov 2015
Another good performance for the U11 girls at Belhaven. It was a lovely friendly game and all the girls who participated enjoyed themselves. Our girls were quick and determined to win the ball. At times they passed the ball really quickly and were rewarded at the end with a goal. Keep going girls, one more match to go. Will they achieve their unbeaten season…watch this space!
Final Score: Win 11-2

U13 Rugby v Belhaven

25 Nov 2015
On Wednesday, we made the journey to Belhaven and played our part in a fantastic game of rugby where both teams showed determination and attacking intent throughout. Our hosts won the day 25-8, scoring some well-worked tries and counter attacking successfully from our errors. Full credit to them for the way they played the game, but our lads should be more than proud of the manner in which they battled and the brand of rugby they endeavoured to play.
Prior work in training had a focus on ball presentation and offload. The lads had clearly been listening and our performance in these areas were very pleasing to witness from the side-line. Every Craigclowan player contributed to the match, but none more so than Thomas J. who played with aggression, determination and belief. What a pleasure to see him charging around the field believing in his ability.
Next week sees us make the long trip to the borders to take on St Mary’s for our final fixture of the season. The U13s are hoping to close out the term with another pleasing performance. Good luck, lads!

U11 Rugby v Belhaven

25 Nov 2015
Tackling! Tackling! Tackling! If the squad does not tackle to a man, trouble is just around the corner. Sadly only a few of the boys tacked with the intensity required. Congratulations to those boys. This meant that those that did tackle were pulled out of their channel and our organisation disintegrated. Against a very strong, attacking, well organised team like Belhaven we were found wanting. My only hope is that the boys learn from the experience, look hard at their own performance and recognise areas which they need to develop and work to improve.

Final Score: Craigclowan – 2   Belhaven – 8

U10 Girls Hockey v St. Mary’s

23 Nov 2015
An exciting bus trip down to the Borders for all of the U10 girls today and for some their first full hockey match.  Thankfully there was a gap in the rain but a bitterly cold wind blew but the girls still soldiered on.

'A' Team
The team were hoping to keep their unbeaten record for this match but unfortunately this was not to be. The girls tried to move the ball about the pitch but the St Mary's girls were constantly on top of them and they weren't able to get the space that they've been allowed in previous matches. With this constant pressure it meant that St Mary's were able to get the ball up to the circle a number of times and did not give up until the ball was in the goal. The Craigclowan girls almost scored but unfortunately the ball was hit from outside the circle and then not hit by a Craigclowan girl before it went in to the goal. Hopefully the girls will used what they have learned from this match, against the Fettes team, to get another win.

Final Score: U10A Craigclowan 0 – U10A St Mary’s 2

'B' Team
The 'B' team girls started well, the very wide pitch seemed enormous but Craigclowan tried to use the width to keep the ball out of the traffic jam in the middle.  Individually the girls showed some excellent tackling and clearing of the ball however they found it tricky to link play together.  St Mary’s gave an evenly matched game, the only difference was they were a bit more aggressive in their play.  This persistence saw them finish off 2 chances in the first half and again in the second half.  Craigclowan did put the pressure on St Mary’s and were unlucky not to score in the second half.  A great experience for all of the girls including two U9’s who played today.  Well done girls!

Final Score: U10B Craigclowan 0 – U10B St Mary’s 4

Success in Tennis

22 Nov 2015
On Sunday 22nd November at the Tayside Tennis AGM, Rosie was presented with "The George Stewart Trophy" for the most promising junior tennis player in Tayside!  The trophy dates back to 1970 and bears 2 special names... Steven Birrell , who is Rosie's coach at David Lloyd and Elena Baltacha who won it in 1996!

We are very proud of Rosie's achievements on the Scottish tennis circuit and thrilled her efforts are recognised in this way!

U13 Rugby v Fettes

18 Nov 2015
A band of thirteen boys in sky blue made the trip to Fettes on Wednesday to take on their hosts from Edinburgh. The pitch was in fair condition considering the volume of rain that had fallen prior to match day. The damp, cold conditions did not stop either team from trying to play expansive rugby, but it was Fettes who made the most of their opportunities. They went on to win the game 31-0, but our lads fought hard throughout the contest.
Poor Kyle B. suffered damage to his ankle inside five minutes and was unable to continue. Special thanks to Alfie from Fettes who covered for him on the wing! Jonny M. missed ten minutes of the game too after putting his face where few people would dare put their boots and suffering a bleeding nose. Of course, he was keen to come back on and continue his good work in attack and defence.
There were many great performances, but special mention must go to Captain Callum for his superb runs as he led from the front throughout the match. Joe J., despite the onset of hypothermia, covered every blade of grass and made loads of brave tackles.
In training, we will revisit ball presentation to help us build more phases of attack. We are not far away, but we need to focus massively on our techniques if we are to challenge Belhaven or St Mary’s in our final matches of the season.

U9 St Leonard's Rugby Tournament

18 Nov 2015
The boys had a good day at the St Leonard’s tournament coming a very respectable 3rd out of 8 teams. They lost to Cargilfield but chalked up wins against the St Leonard’s ‘B’ team, Fettes and Loretto.

I’m sure the boys would like to see as many supporters as possible for the final games of the season next Wednesday, at home, against Belhaven.

U13A&B Hockey v Fettes

18 Nov 2015
A rare break in the stormy weather allowed the Craigclowan girls to get onto a pitch to play some hockey this afternoon (HOORAY!)  With the Fettes A team away the B & C teams provided an evenly matched afternoon’s hockey.

The 'A' team played a good game with some excellent passing to and up the wings to move the ball round the Fettes players. The girls were not as dominant in the match as they had been against the Fettes team during the Fettes tournament but this was to be expected since the girls have missed a number of practices due to the rain. Rosie Morris was the only player to score goals, all of the forwards had a number of tries on goal but they unfortunately weren't strong enough and the goalkeeper was able to get them away.
Final Score:U13A Craigclowan 3 – U13B Fettes 0
Scorers: Rosie (3)
The lack of pitch time showed in the girls and it took a while to settle back in to the swing of things again.  The 'B' team started well in the first half, linking well and making use of the width as opposition ‘blobbed’ in the middle.  We had a number of advances into the D and some good shots on target.  The Fettes keeper make some excellent saves.  Izzy broke the deadlock after following up her initial shot and tapping it in off the keepers pad.  Fettes then got one back as the ball got stuck in Lucy’s pads and snuck in the corner.  Playing with just two midfield players, Natalia and Honor worked well together pulling in players then passing to the free player which created space for them to drive into the D.  Our second goal came after a move just like this, Natalia ran strong into the circle and took a nice early strike from the top of the D into the corner. Craigclowan had another chance right on half time as the ball rolled across the face of the goal but unfortunately no ones stick was close by to tap it in!  We took our foot off the gas a bit in the second half and let Fettes back into the match and deservedly they got an equaliser.  The match continued to be a closely fought contest until the final whistle but it remained a draw which was a fair reflection on the game.
Final Score: U13B Craigclowan 2 – U13C Fettes 2
Scorers: Izzy, Natalia.

U11 Hockey v Fettes

18 Nov 2015
The 'A' team match was a superb match, with great play from both teams. It was a very even game and our girls fought hard throughout. They had many chances on goal and if they had only looked at the goal before they shot the result may have been different.

The 'B' team out in a good solid performance.  The midfield worked extremely hard and played a very good game. A quick break from the forwards saw the only goal of the game.
The U11 girls have kept their unbeaten season intact. Well done girls, great performances from both teams!

Final Scores: 'A' team drew: 4-4    'B' team: won 1-0

Cross-Country Inter-House Challenge

17 Nov 2015
The absence of inter-school event this term means that everyone’s competitive streak has been focused on the Inter-House Challenge. So, as soon as exams were over, the opportunity to run for House points was there.

Speed was indeed the key factor but participation was also important as each runner was able to score, just by sweating around the 3 lap soggy course.

Night was fast approaching and the rain was there, non-stop.  After much battling in semi-darkness, over a total distance of just below 1 mile, on a hilly terrain of mud, track and occasional tarmac, a gradual stream of 29 children, each sporting their respective House colours, crossed the finish line, exhausted but elated. Each runner was clearly eager to find out whether enough points had been accumulated in order to be the victor. Calculations revealed that this year again, ARRAN was the overall winner, thanks to the stamina and determination of Theo E-M (overall winner), Arthur R, Adam A, Freddie C, Ross T, Torin E-M, Annabel A, Nina S, Lois T and Harry T.  The winning Girl (and 2nd overall) was Sofia R (Skye). Everyone ran hard and each little athlete deserves a round of applause.

Form 1 Number Fun

16 Nov 2015
Form 1 have had a busy few weeks learning all about addition. Here they are practicing their number bonds to 5.

U9 Hockey v Loretto

16 Nov 2015
U9 put in a very solid performance again against Loretto. The weather conditions were pretty grim, but our girls dug deep and as a team they played a brilliant game. They kept their space and again it made a big difference.
They truly are a super bunch of girls. I was very impressed with how they played, especially when the torrential rain came!
Again support from the parents was fantastic!

Final Score: Win: 9-0

U10 Craigclowan v Loretto

16 Nov 2015
The U10's played an excellent game against Loretto. The team were very dominant on the pitch and showed great skill passing the ball around the Loretto players. The first goal was scored by Isobel Skinner after the ball was passed up the field by the midfield and the Loretto defence were unable to get a stick to it. After this goal the girls were unstoppable and stopped the ball quickly from Loretto 16 yard hits and passed it back upfield. There were goals scored by most of the midfield and forwards making the half-time score 5-0. In the second half the defence were brought up to be forwards and the forwards to be defence so that the girls could get more time on the ball. The play did slow down at first but once the girls figured out their positions there were another 4 goals scored, two by Olivia Haddow, giving her a hat trick. Loretto were able to get the ball up the pitch after a ball was not stopped properly and there was some lovely passing around the Craigclowan girls to get their one and only goal.

Final Score:
Craigclowan 9 – Loretto 1

Soap Workshops

14 Nov 2015
On Saturday morning, Mrs Page led two soap making workshops for both senior and junior pupils.  Everyone had great fun making their Christmas presents!

Form 2 Children In Need

13 Nov 2015
Form 2 looked amazing in all their spots and thank you for all the donations. We wrote letters to Darcey bear to cheer her up by writing about what we’ve been doing in class. We hope she likes the big Pudsey bears.

After the Storm

13 Nov 2015
With the worst of Storm Abigail hopefully now behind us, we thought we would share with you some photos of Craigclowan cloaked in a beautiful rainbow this morning.

Form 5 Trip to Vane Farm

12 Nov 2015
Last Thursday Form 5 found a gap in the weather and enjoyed a lovely trip to Vane Farm by Loch Leven.  As a nice round off to our Science project on Living Things we had a great time out in the open studying the different types of trees, searching for mini beasts and pond dipping.  There was much excitement when the different creepy crawlies were discovered or fish were caught in the nets.  As we tiredly climbed back into the mini buses to head back to school the heavens opened! We couldn’t have timed it better! A super day out had by all!

Form 3 Victorian Assembly

12 Nov 2015
Form 3 taught the younger children about what it was like to be a child in Victorian times, by acting out scenes and singing songs.

U10 Rugby v Belmont House

11 Nov 2015
The boys started strongly and were rewarded with an early try. This seemed to settle the team and they continued to attack with purpose going on to record another two in the first period. As the match progressed and after alterations to the lineup were made, the match became much closer. Belmont seemed more settled and started to attack with purpose. They were finally rewarded near the end of the first half with a good score of their own. Craigclowan were leading at half time!
Into the second half and our defensive lines became a little loose. A few tackles were missed and play was more frantic. The boys in sky blue were always promising going forward but sometimes lacked the finesse when it mattered. The team appeared to lose their shape and the target became the ball rather than the legs of the opposing player. This resulted in Belmont staging a good comeback. In the end neither side deserved to lose, so a draw was a fair result!
Overall, it was a very entertaining game to watch as both sides played some good rugby in challenging conditions. Thank you to all the Parents who came  along to support the boys.
Final Result: Craigclowan 5 Belmont House 5

Glenalmond College Writing Competition 2015 Triumph

08 Nov 2015
Craigclowan pupils stormed to success on Sunday 8th November at the finals of the 2015 Glenalmond College Creative Writing Competition!
Charlotte C. (4W) won the 7-8 years category for her superb short story about the dangers of cyber-bullying; Daniel B. (7G) scooped first prize in the 9-10 years category for his evocative adaptation of the ‘Beowulf’ legend; Rachel L. (also 7G) shared first place in the 11-12 years section with former Craigclowan pupil, Rosie Porter.  Rachel’s poem on picking blackberries was highly descriptive and nuanced, melding narrative and deeper reflection.  Moreover, another of our finalists, Charlotte F. (5M), is to be highly commended for her very atmospheric story about a mysterious ring with sinister powers.  She managed to weave an epic family saga in just 500 words!

A hearty thanks to all the budding writers for their hard work, to all their supportive parents and teachers, to Glenalmond College for hosting such an important and fun event, and to children’s author Joan Lennon, not only for judging the finals but also for giving all pupils invaluable feedback.
M. Prince

Get Set for Snow Sunday

08 Nov 2015
We were delighted to welcome 30 local primary school children last weekend who had signed up to take on the Craigclowan dry ski slope.  The heavy rain which was forecast eventually arrived mid morning and drenched everyone but the children and instructors carried on regardless!  The novices started on the gentle slope at the bottom and gradually worked their way further up the slope for each run until they were virtually at the top.  The children who had a little more experience went straight from the top and were practicing their slalom turns before long.  After the prize giving for the morning session and some very welcome soup and hot filled rolls for all the skiers and their families, courtesy of Jean and her team, we were all set for the afternoon session with a second group.  The more experienced skiers worked on perfecting their turns whilst the less experienced again built their confidence as many had not skied on an artificial slope or used a ski tow before.
It was a great day, despite the weather, and we thoroughly enjoyed the company of all the children and their parents.  I would like to thank Annie and Alan and all the instructors at Freshtracks, who did an amazing job coaching the children and making it so enjoyable, and they would be delighted see everyone at their base at Glenshee when the white stuff finally arrives, especially now that the children are ‘all set for snow’.

U9 Rugby at Ardvreck

07 Nov 2015
Another great week for the boys. The ‘A’ team went to Ardvreck on a very wet Saturday and fought hard to beat both the hosts and Belhaven. Four wet days later the heavens continued to pour as both the ‘A’s and ‘B’s welcomed Loretto. Both teams recorded handsome wins which was particularly satisfying as we only drew with them at the Fettes tournament. Well done boys!

U13 Rugby v Perthshire Rugby Club

07 Nov 2015
It was great to see two Fair City teams come together on Saturday for an unofficial, friendly derby. Jonny M. and Kyle B., much like coach Pattinson had divided loyalties as these players proudly represent both teams.
Although the conditions were not ideal for running rugby, both sides endeavoured to throw the ball about every suitable opportunity.  The match was an exciting encounter, with fast flowing moves, stout defence and committed rucking from both teams. Craigclowan dotted down their first score at the end of the first period. They extended their lead in the second, taking two excellent scores in a convincing display. The final third saw Perthshire get rewards for their determined play, but were made to work for their tries by Craigclowan who were down to eleven players by the final whistle.
A great effort from the two finest teams in the county! Thanks to all players, coaches and supporters who braved the conditions.

U11 Rugby v Perthshire Rugby Club

07 Nov 2015
On a very wet and blustery day, both teams gave 100% of their efforts to produce the best rugby that they could. It was certainly a great spectacle for the crowd watching. With some excellent rucking, tackling and off-loading of the ball in the contact area by both teams, all of the boys deserved the applause at the end and throughout the match. It was excellent to see and hear the Craigclowan boys really communicate with each other and organise their own defence and attack without the bellows of the coach from the side-line. I do hope that they will continue to develop this area of their game over the coming weeks. With two very tough matches to follow in the coming weeks they will certainly need to be on top of their game if victories are to be achieved.   
Well done to all of the boys who played so well and dug so deep throughout the match.
Craigclowan – 12      Perthshire - 1

U13 Hockey v Clifton Hall

07 Nov 2015
A dreich Saturday morning set the scene for the rearranged fixture against Clifton Hall. Due to illness in the opposition team we played 7-a-side. This created lots of space on the pitch. The girls took a bit of time to adjust to this and went a goal down within the first 5minutes. However they soon found their shape and pulled one back through Emma.
The chances then kept on coming but the clinical finishing in the circle was lacking. Clifton Halls second goal was a super example of aggression and persistance in the goal area, despite Casta pulling off some excellent saves. Emma did pull one back for Craigclowan just before half time.  The second half was a much better performance, more accurate passing and linking play created a host of chances for the forwards which they struggled to capitalise on. Some weak tackling let Clifton Hall have their share of chances too.  Casta was superb, she commanded her d and made some excellent saves to keep the game within reach. It took to the last few minutes of the game for the winning goal to come. Alice showed super composure to slot the ball past the keeper. A good performance today girls. A wee break now for exams before our last few fixtures.
Final Score: U13 Craigowan 3 - 2 U13 Clifton Hall
Scorers: Alice,  Emma (2)

U11 Hockey v Clifton Hall

07 Nov 2015
Rain stop Play... No Chance!
What a game! This was the toughest game the U11 girls have played to date. Clifton hall were a very good team. We scored some super goals, the midfield worked hard and fed the ball to their forwards. Our defence were caught out, which allowed Clifton Hall to stay in the game. Thankfully our goalie was on form and she saved a number of good strikes on target. Craigclowan’s true grit and determination in the second half became apparent. The girls never gave up and defended really well. They worked hard as a team and they have kept their unbeaten season record.
Great job girls.
Final Score: Win 3-2

Form 3 Victorian School Days

06 Nov 2015
Form 3 travelled back to 1877 on Friday.  Mrs Perkins taught needlecraft to the girls whilst Mr Douglas and Mr Dibnah concentrated on teaching the important skills if literacy and maths to the boys.  There was lots of shouting at these imbecilic children…the dunces cap was imposed on many!

WOSPS v Dandylions

04 Nov 2015
A big well done again to Sacha, Jonny and Callum who were selected to be part of the WOSPS squad that took on the Dandylions on a drizzly day in St Andrews as St Leonards hosted the fixture for the first time.
It has been several years since the WOSPS recorded a victory against their formidable opponents, so to emerge victorious by a score of 28-0 was a very special achievement.

Indoor Fireworks

04 Nov 2015
Indoor Fireworks

U13 Hockey Fettes Tournament

04 Nov 2015
A very good performance from the girls at the Fettes tournament on Wednesday. The girls were playing in a group with George Watson's, Kilgraston and Cargilfield. Their first game was against George Watson's and they all started well but gaps opened up and players were left unmarked, so George Watson's were able to score two goals. After a tough team talk the team came together and vastly improved against Kilgraston and Cargilfield. There was some lovely passing and marking with a number of attempts on goal but none of them were able to get past the goalies. Both games finished 0-0. It was all to go on the last game with Kilgraston v George Watson's whether Craigclowan would come 3rd or 4th in the group. George Watson won that game 2-1 so it meant Craigclowan finished with more points than Kilgraston and came 3rd in the group. Craigclowan went on to play the 4th team in group 4 which was Fettes B. The structure of the team was changed to put more players upfront and this allowed the girls to score 3 goals, the first from Sophia Roberts, then Iona Fleming scored and last goal from Emma Harper which was slipped just past the goalie's feet. Lots of positives to be taken away and used against Clifton Hall on Saturday.

U13B Rugby v Belhaven

04 Nov 2015
This really was a very hard fought battle by both sides! The first half was closely contested with the boys in sky blue leading at half time, having converted all three of their tries. The second half was equally exciting but, with Belhaven taking their chances and Craigclowan spurning their opportunities, the game turned and the visitors ran out victors.
Well done to both teams for a good game played in its usual excellent spirit.
A big thank you to all the parents who came along and supported the boys.
Result: Craigclowan 16 Belhaven 19

U9 Rugby

04 Nov 2015
The boys began their season at Cargilfield with both the As and Bs well beaten, but both teams learnt enormously from this first outing. The Fettes rugby festival is always a great day and here the boys chalked up their first wins of the season, over Belhaven and Clifton Hall. They also drew with Loretto and lost narrowly to St. Mary’s. They have come on in leaps and bounds over the course of these five games and look forward to playing Ardvreck at the weekend.

U10 Hockey v Cargilfield

04 Nov 2015
What a performance from our U10 girls.  This was their first game of the season and they have certainly set a fantastic standard. The defence was strong, the midfield worked extremely hard and the forwards ensured the goals were popped into the back of the net. The girls constantly put pressure on Cargilfield and played with width. This helped Craigclowan hugely, spreading the ball, then sweeping the ball into the D for the finish.
A great team effort all round, they should be very pleased with themselves
Final Score Win 9-1

U9 Hockey v Cargilfield

04 Nov 2015
The U9 girls were extremely excited to be playing their first game away to Cargilfield. Thankfully they channelled their excitement into their game and they put in a fantastic performance. All the girls remembered to keep their width and space.  The defence was strong, clearing the ball up the field. The midfield constantly put pressure on Cargilfield, winning the ball and passing confidently to their forwards. All they needed to do was pop the ball in the back of the net, some super goals were scored.
All the U9 girls have worked hard in their training sessions and it has certainly paid off. It was a lovely game to referee. Both teams played some lovely hockey.

Final Score Win 5-0
Thank you to all the support we had from our lovely parents. It was great to see so many on the side-lines cheering on the children.

Form 5 Roman Visitor

03 Nov 2015
 On Tuesday Form 5 were visited by a Roman Soldier.  Over the course of the morning the children learnt about life in the Roman Army.  The soldier showed the weapons and armour that a legionary soldier would have and how they were designed to be effective in battle.  The children enjoyed trying them on and trying the fight against the well designed shield.  Form 5 then became a legion in the army, with marching practice, battle formations and charge attack! It was a super morning with lots of new learning and reinforcement for our topic on Romans and Celts.

Ardvreck 7s

01 Nov 2015
You would be hard-pressed to find a more picturesque setting for a rugby tournament as the autumn sun shone for the annual Ardvreck 7s tournament. Craigclowan had a tough group as they played their three pool fixtures against, Merchiston, Belhaven and Cargilfield. The boys put in some great work throughout the day, most notably their second half performance against Belhaven as they secured 7-7 draw. They also performed admirably against Merchiston and were tied with Cargilfield at half time before we unfortunately ran out of steam.
Our fourth consecutive Charity semi-final against Strathallan was a bridge too far and we were well beaten having lost our hunger for the tackle. None the less, there are many positives to take from the contest, especially considering the wealth of experience our young squad has earned from playing in this tournament.

Strathallan Show Jumping

01 Nov 2015
Three girls represented Craigclowan at Strathallan team show jumping competition.
They came 3rd out of twelve great result, first school team (Strathearn pony club 1st and 2nd)
Ava M., Esther L. and Carmen McD.  Ava was 2nd individual.

U10 Rugby v Belmont House

31 Oct 2015
On Saturday, the boys headed through to Glasgow to play Belmont House. From the first whistle, it was clear that this was going to be another fantastic spectacle. Both teams were determined to have a go. The boys in sky blue took the game to Belmont and were gaining ground by rucking and mauling effectively. Tackles were being made all over the pitch and with some good dynamic running the tries looked like happening sooner rather than later. When they did, they were brilliantly executed. The pace, power and precision of our passing was very impressive considering that it was a very wet and chilly day morning.
At half time the boys were warned not to become complacent as any lapses in concentration would be punished by a useful Belmont side and so it proved. Following strong play from Craigclowan that wasn’t capitalised on, slack passing saw Belmont score two late breakaway ties.
The boys, however, did hold on to record another impressive victory. Many thanks to Belmont for their warm and friendly hospitality and to the Parents who made the journey through to support the boys.
Final Score:  Craigclowan 12  Belmont House 4

PTA Halloween Disco

30 Oct 2015
PTA Halloween Disco

Form 2 Halloween Party Fun

30 Oct 2015
Form 2 spooked their way through Friday 30th October, trying hard to contain their excitement about the impending Halloween party!
The afternoon came and with it arrived many witches, vampires, spiders and ghouls galore! The children enjoyed spooky games and creepy dancing until a fine feast was laid before them. I think the children (and their teachers!) will all sleep soundly tonight.
Happy Halloween Everyone.

A Sunny Day For Cross-Country

29 Oct 2015
The cross country club took advantage of the glorious Autumn sunshine last week and ran around the corn field. This is a popular challenge but not an easy one. The course is rough, rugged and undulating but the times in the sunshine were remarkable.

Form 1 ‘Hansel and Gretel Houses’

29 Oct 2015
Form 1 have started the exciting task of designing their very own ‘Hansel and Gretel Houses’ as part of their Homes topic. The builders worked in pairs to arrange their junk into suitable structures. Look out for later stages of gluing, taping and painting our creations!

U13 Rugby v Aberlour

28 Oct 2015
Due to injuries of players in key positions, there was a reshuffle of prime-ministerial proportions required as we took on our opponents at Aberlour. Normally, the thought of a 2nd row at centre, a centre at stand-off, a number eight at centre and a 2nd row kicking for goal would be enough to cause concern to the most steely of coaches. However, the reshuffle yielded a very pleasing performance as the players out of position performed admirably. Our approach was direct, simple and often very effective.
Although we lost the contest 33-14, we can be proud of the way we took the game to our opponents. Our support play was excellent while our running was often purposeful and effective. If we can improve our tackling by getting closer and using the shoulder, rather than reaching with the arms, we will concede far less scores.
Aberlour had an athletic team who did well to make the most out of their opportunities. They pounced on our mistakes straight away, scoring several tries straight from our handling errors. We scored four of our own in the match, with the first being the best try I have seen a Craigclowan team score. From a perfectly executed line out, the ball was shipped through several pairs of hands on our 22. Strong running and a super offload took us into the Aberlour half before a super finish from Joe J secured the try before the break.
In the second half, both teams score three tries each. Our defence improved, as did our continuity and possession. Nicholas M. deserved his score after a hugely committed performance at 10, while Kyle B.’s patience this season was rewarded as two buses, I mean tries, came along at once. Well done to Thomas J. who stepped up and kicked 2 out of 4 conversions. Every player who represented the team can be proud of the effort they put in. The camaraderie on the pitch was clear to see and several boys made giant leaps in their performance levels. Long may this continue!
While the result did not go our way, this was a pleasing game to watch as we worked tirelessly to breach a resolute Aberlour defence. Well done to our opposition for their victory.
Well done to the boys in sky blue for their hard work over the match.

Ghost Gallop Cross-Country

27 Oct 2015
Sixteen hardy souls braved the spooky woods of Montcreiffe Hill, near Bridge of Earn as darkness was gradually falling. We were blessed with a mild and but drizzly and misty evening, soggy grounds with a few muddy puddles to splash into. The children tackled the challenging Blue Lap (2.4km) with great stamina and cheer. Our evil ghosts, skeletons, vampires, pumpkins and monsters made the most of the steep hills and fast descents to display overall fitness and good spirit. A few actually spotted the notorious forest’s witch and her black cat. All were rewarded with a well earned Halloween-bite.

Form 5 Celtic Warriors

20 Oct 2015
Form 5 turned themselves into Celtic Warriors this afternoon, tattooing their faces and gelling their hair ready for battle! (sorry parents). They had great fun and we’re really rather fierce!